Release Notes for 521

Notes for Release 521


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Function MaterialVariant MaterialService:GetMaterialVariant(Enum.Material material, string name)

Added EnumItem ConnectionError.DisconnectModeratedGame : 287
Added EnumItem WrapLayerDebugMode.ReferenceMeshAfterMorph : 7
Added EnumItem WrapLayerDebugMode.HSROuterDetail : 8
Added EnumItem WrapLayerDebugMode.HSROuter : 9
Added EnumItem WrapLayerDebugMode.HSRInner : 10
Added EnumItem WrapLayerDebugMode.HSRInnerReverse : 11
Added EnumItem WrapTargetDebugMode.OuterCageDetail : 8

Added Tag [Hidden] to Property VoiceChatService.VoiceChatEnabledForPlaceOnRcc
Added Tag [Hidden] to Property VoiceChatService.VoiceChatEnabledForUniverseOnRcc
Added Tag [NotBrowsable] to Class TerrainDetail

Changed the serialization of Property VoiceChatService.VoiceChatEnabledForPlaceOnRcc 
	from: [<💾> SaveOnly]
	  to: [<🕒> RuntimeOnly]

Changed the serialization of Property VoiceChatService.VoiceChatEnabledForUniverseOnRcc 
	from: [<💾> SaveOnly]
	  to: [<🕒> RuntimeOnly]

Removed Function StudioService:DEPRECATED_SetTurnOnTeamCreateOnPublish

Removed Tag [ReadOnly] from Property VoiceChatService.VoiceChatEnabledForPlaceOnRcc
Removed Tag [ReadOnly] from Property VoiceChatService.VoiceChatEnabledForUniverseOnRcc

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To whoever fixed this, thank you. The most annoying bug. I questioned my sanity a couple times trying to close this. I questioned my purpose on this planet a couple times. Hell, I think I even questioned if I understood what closing something out actually meant. Just gonna lol.


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