Release Notes for 524

Notes for Release 524


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Property int GuiObject.SelectionOrder [NotBrowsable]
Added Property bool ImporterMeshSettings.Manifold [ReadOnly]

Added Function void Humanoid:ApplyDescriptionReset(HumanoidDescription humanoidDescription, Enum.AssetTypeVerification assetTypeVerification = "Default") [Yields]
Added Function Enum.PropertyStatus MaterialService:GetOverrideStatus(Enum.Material material) {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Added Event MaterialService.OverrideStatusChanged(Enum.Material material) {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Added EnumItem AccessoryType.Eyebrow : 18
Added EnumItem AccessoryType.Eyelash : 19
Added EnumItem AssetType.EyebrowAccessory : 76
Added EnumItem AssetType.EyelashAccessory : 77
Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.EyebrowAccessory : 76
Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.EyelashAccessory : 77
Added EnumItem BundleType.Shoes : 3

Added Tag [NotReplicated] to Property MaterialService.Use2022Materials

Changed the category of Property GuiObject.NextSelectionDown 
	from: "Behavior"
	  to: "Selection"

Changed the category of Property GuiObject.NextSelectionLeft 
	from: "Behavior"
	  to: "Selection"

Changed the category of Property GuiObject.NextSelectionRight 
	from: "Behavior"
	  to: "Selection"

Changed the category of Property GuiObject.NextSelectionUp 
	from: "Behavior"
	  to: "Selection"

Changed the category of Property GuiObject.Selectable 
	from: "Data"
	  to: "Selection"

Changed the serialization of Property MaterialService.Use2022Materials 
	from: [<💾|📁> Saves|Loads]
	  to: [<📁> LoadOnly]

Changed the parameters of Callback RemoteFunction.OnServerInvoke 
	from: (Instance player, Tuple arguments)
	  to: (Player player, Tuple arguments)

Removed Function StudioService:SerializeInstances

Removed Tag [Deprecated] from EnumItem Technology.Future
Removed Tag [NotBrowsable] from Property VoiceChatService.EnableDefaultVoice

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:pray: I hope this isn’t a temporary toggle and it continues to remain supported - a majority of my experiences will severely disagree with the new default materials as far as aesthetic goes and it would be immensely costly to redo entire maps as a result of it (we rely heavily on terrain).

Any particular benchmarks we can go off of?


You can benchmark it yourself (the improvement will really depend on the specifics of your experience), but the particular change is not inserting the part into the broad phase tracking at all when all three properties are turned off, making it more similar in cost to a purely visual Instance like a HandleAdornment than a traditional physical part.

TL;DR: You’ll see the most improvement if you have a bunch of “visual effect” parts with all three properties disabled moving around all the time.


Something tells me 📁 and 💾 isn’t quite the right thing. Pretty sure that’s supposed to be the :floppy_disk: emoji or something, and I think the other is the :pencil2: emoji iirc.

Related to this, are plugin sales potentially going public soon? Or is there a process for becoming whitelisted for this that I missed? I’d like to create purchaseable plugins, but I think it’s been now more than a year that this has been out. I think it would be great if this feature were at least available for users who’ve verified with their ID assuming it’s meant to prevent backdoored, stolen, or botted plugins.

Excited to see these two! Physics changes & fixes (even if they’re minor) always get me hyped. Been especially excited for the CanCollide/CanQuery/CanTouch optimizations to finally go live, I know a decent amount of stuff I’ve created in the last few months is going to benefit from that :smile:

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Added general protocol handler string parsing module helpers.

That is 6 confusing adjectives in a row. What does this mean?


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