Release Notes for 527

Notes for Release 527


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Class LSPFileSyncService : Instance [NotCreatable] [Service] [NotReplicated]
Added Class SnippetService : Instance [NotCreatable] [Service] [NotReplicated]
Added Class PlaneConstraint : Constraint

Added Property Enum.PhysicsInertiaAndVolumeFix Workspace.PhysicsInertiaAndVolumeFix [NotScriptable]

Added Function string RunService:GetRobloxClientChannel() {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Added Enum PhysicsInertiaAndVolumeFix
	Added EnumItem PhysicsInertiaAndVolumeFix.Default : 0
	Added EnumItem PhysicsInertiaAndVolumeFix.Disabled : 1
	Added EnumItem PhysicsInertiaAndVolumeFix.Enabled : 2

Added EnumItem LSPMethodType.Roblox_patchSnippetData : 27

Added Tag [Deprecated] to Class Plane

Changed the superclass of Class Plane 
	from: "Constraint"
	  to: "PlaneConstraint"

Removed Class ScriptCloneWatcherHelperV2

Removed Class ImporterTextureSettings
	Removed Property ImporterTextureSettings.FilePath

Removed Tag [NotBrowsable] from Property GuiBase2d.SelectionBehaviorDown
Removed Tag [NotBrowsable] from Property GuiBase2d.SelectionBehaviorLeft
Removed Tag [NotBrowsable] from Property GuiBase2d.SelectionBehaviorRight
Removed Tag [NotBrowsable] from Property GuiBase2d.SelectionBehaviorUp
Removed Tag [NotBrowsable] from Property GuiBase2d.SelectionGroup
Removed Tag [NotBrowsable] from Property GuiObject.SelectionOrder

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Thank you for this change, not I don’t have to wrap me function in pcall


Why does Roblox keep making it purposefully hard to combat exploiters? I understand security concerns, but at least give us the tooling to combat exploiters without relying on hacky workarounds.
The changes involved with CoreGui would be fine by me were it not for the fact that we are losing the ability to count additions and removals under CoreGui, which effectively makes it impossible to detect certain exploits such as Dex which were previously already difficult.

If we’re changing things like this, at least add counter measures to prevent exploiters from thriving… this is just a stab on developers who try to combat exploiters and a huge trophy for exploiters.


It’s amazing to see how time passes and Roblox continues to ignore Bug Reports.
Just me, I have 30 bug reports from Studio OPEN, some for ALMOST 1 YEAR.
Why does Roblox systematically ignore these bugs?

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Bugs don’t get ignored, there’s just only so many engineers available.

Also looking at said bug reports, a lot of them aren’t strictly bugs. They’re problematic behaviors for sure, but they’re things were the code is doing as the programmer intended, just with possibly unintended implications.

Fixing those kind of issues not so simple as throwing an engineer at the problem and having them change the behavior: Every one of those we want to tackle, we have to get design involved to evaluate what the right solution actually is, while trying to not badly disrupt anyone’s workflow who might have started depending on that behavior, etc.

Roblox Studio automatically updating every week is really powerful but comes with the cost that doing one-off corrections to bits of problematic behavior is not so easy when we want to avoid breaking people’s workflows unexpectedly.


Saying that reported bugs aren’t bugs won’t change the fact that the issues exist, but they haven’t been resolved and continue to get in the way of many developers’ work.
I had already opened 86 bug reports so far. Of these, 30 are still open. This is not to say that 56 reports were resolved by Roblox, as yes, in this case, most were not really a bug and were resolved with the help of the community.
But to date, 30 issues are still active and unresolved. And no one yet knew how to help.
That is, as I said at the beginning, whether you want to consider a bug report as a bug or not, the fact is that PROBLEMS CONTINUE and no one has been able to help until now.

You shouldn’t be exploit detecting like that at all in the first place. You should be doing it through player behaviors on the server.


Out of curiosity, why is the wiki (that’s been here at the same place for years now) point to another place?

Same with the new create page. It’s pretty awkward to go from to and seems like a very non-consistent way to avoid fixing the actual page. It’s like “Hey let’s over complicate this” and then, “hey btw, let’s make it even more confusing and deprecate the entire wiki and point to somewhere completely different”.

I’m not really a fan of pointing functionality to a subdomain. I don’t think it’s consistent and even if it is a separate web app from the main site, it’s almost like an over complication of what should be relatively simple.

I.e If I go to the create page, I want to create.

This does not mean I want to see a wiki. It does not mean I want to be even more confused by the UI because it’s not consistent with anything else. I, quite literally, want to create a place. That’s it.

Sorry for the rant but, this is highly frustrating and general consistency would go a long way when thinking about user experience.


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