Release Notes for 535

Notes for Release 535


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Property Enum.UnionsScaleNonuniformly Workspace.UnionsScaleNonuniformly [NotScriptable]

Added Function void StudioPublishService:PublishThenTurnOnTeamCreate() {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Function bool UGCValidationService:ValidateMeshTriangles(string meshId) {RobloxScriptSecurity} [Yields]
Added Function bool UGCValidationService:ValidateMeshVertColors(string meshId) {RobloxScriptSecurity} [Yields]
Added Function bool UGCValidationService:ValidateTextureSize(string textureId) {RobloxScriptSecurity} [Yields]
Added Function bool UGCValidationService:ValidateUVSpace(string meshId) {RobloxScriptSecurity} [Yields]

Added Enum UnionsScaleNonuniformly
	Added EnumItem UnionsScaleNonuniformly.Default : 0
	Added EnumItem UnionsScaleNonuniformly.Disabled : 1
	Added EnumItem UnionsScaleNonuniformly.Enabled : 2

Moved Property MeshSize
	from: Class MeshPart
	  to: Class TriangleMeshPart

Removed Function Player:IsUserAvailableForExperiment
Removed Function StudioService:DEPRECATED_EmitPlacePublishedSignal
Removed Function StudioService:DEPRECATED_RefreshDocumentDisplayName
Removed Function StudioService:DEPRECATED_SetUniverseDisplayName
Removed Function StudioService:DEPRECATED_ShowSaveOrPublishPlaceToRoblox
Removed Function StudioService:DEPRECATED_publishAs

Removed Event StudioService.DEPRECATED_GameNameUpdated
Removed Event StudioService.DEPRECATED_GamePublishFinished
Removed Event StudioService.DEPRECATED_OnPublishPlaceToRoblox
Removed Event StudioService.DEPRECATED_OnSaveOrPublishPlaceToRoblox

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Thank you so much for this, I dont know how much longer I could have gone without it lol


Since it’s not obvious what this does: It means that Unions now have a MeshSize property as well (since both MeshPart and PartOperation inherit from TriangleMeshPart).



Ey, atleast they emphasized it.

Also, improving UV layout for cylinders as in what? :thinking:
Sounds good but no clue what it changed

Can I also say that this:

Took way too long, glad to see it finally be addressed though.


TL;DR: The UVs on cylinders were very awkward before in that they weren’t contiguous so they looked bad with many materials (seam exaggerated for reference):

For good reason BTW, it was actually fairly tricky to find a good way to resolve this without breaking anything ingame or in the other insert object workflows in Studio, it took some work to thread the needle.

The difficulty had to do with how joints in general are handled during insert conflicting with the desired behavior in an unfortunate way (Studio needs joint breaking code to make sure, for example, that stuff you copy-paste doesn’t stay welded to the thing you copied from). The resolution was to not break the external joints of anything that gets synchronously moved as it’s being inserted, vs continue breaking the external joints of anything else (where the Accessory weld being created moves the part into position).


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