Release Notes for 555

Notes for Release 555


My 2021 Signal hyperfocus is deeply interested in what memory leak was fixed here.

I would expect this to be a RBXScriptSignal thing only prob instance related, so not something that affects Lua implementations but it still would be nice to know


Can you fix exploiters being able to delete instances inside their character? It’s super annoying


CollisionGroupid is being deprecated? what do i use instead of this and why?


Interesting. I thought I just didn’t know how to rotate things anymore. Nice fix.


Just CollisionGroup, you handle them by name now rather than having to manually juggle Ids.

If you’re interested the issue was that other changes shuffled around where orthonormalization happened in the code. This was fine in almost every case, except unfortunately for the rotate tool, which was left with no orthonormalize call at all. The CFrame it was holding internally would just keep falling exponentially farther out of square until you saw a noticeable amount of error or reselected the object (which pulled in a fresh orthonormalized value)

There is something on the way for this, stay tuned!


Luau will now disallow equality comparisons between types where it cannot possibly work.

:scream: does this mean you can’t compare a string to a number or a cframe to a color3?

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Fix the issue where an error output will be present when calling game.ReplicatedFirst:RemoveDefaultLoadingScreen() in an async manner

Hopefully this is the error I’m thinking of cause it was annoying me with how much it cluttered the output lol.

Im curious; how big of a performance improvement does PivotTo() have over SetPrimaryPartCFrame()?

From a recent bug report that was made and also what I’ve heard, this could be related to Debris not properly disconnecting of events attached to instances destroyed via Debris:AddItem.


It depends. For physical models fully connected with internal joints the difference is barely measurable, but for anchored models it can actually be upwards of 50%.

In the case of the Transform tool the improvement should be quite noticeable on large selections because the Transform tool code was not optimized at all before (it didn’t even use SetPrimaryPartCFrame, it brute force looped over parts setting CFrame).


They are adding a property to workspace called “RejectCharactetDeletions” which will solve this. The property is there its just not enabled yet.
Ive been putting things inside the character model again because of this.

If you want you can check the client changes from clonetroopers github.


This is the most important long-awaited fix we can get! Everybody will benefit from this, good job!!

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This is awesome thanks for working hard on this

Except exploiters lmao, hopefully some more things come

I found out that when selecting objects it uses highlights instead of selection boxes. i really like this change except for one small gripe, its always on always on top with (from what I’ve found) no way to change that. at the end of the day it doesn’t change much but the option would be nice

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This is the most annoying change ever. Is there a way to change it back to selection boxes?

kinda, in the view tab there’s an option to enable the bounding box for selected items again, however the highlight is still there and it doesnt change the hover over

It’s a beta, just turn off the beta

yo can you guys fix animations that were made using the curve editor? they still fly all over the place and its been probably over 3 months since this problem appeared. im 90% sure i also read somewhere on this devforum where they said you guys were working on a fix, and also knew what was wrong.