Release Notes for 558

Notes for Release 558


I wish I could have streaming enabled on in my game, but it isn’t supported :cry:

Also, is this meant for Admin commands? Super confused with “include the colon character at the end of the PrefixText property.” If so, it would be appreciated if we could also have “;” as well.


They’re referring to the colon character : following your DisplayName when chatting using the new TextChatService. What this means is that you as a developer have full control over what comes before any text message, compared to before when you could only change what came before (DisplayName) and after (message) the colon character.


When will the lag issue with StreamingEnabled be fixed? Anytime I use PBR textures StreamEnabled seems to really lag my whole game as a whole with PBR textures.


Finally, this one bothered me because the colon didn’t match the nametag/name/message colours. Can’t wait for it to go live, after it does, we might be able to switch over


Posting release notes in the Devforum has been discontinued?

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I don’t believe they are, sometimes they just get delayed. This happens every once in a while.

They are very late right now, but will continue to be posted on the forum.


Any ideas when this’ll go live? I’ve been really looking forward to implementing it.

This correctly happen sometimes when testing discovers an issue with the fix and it needs to be amended in a later release before it can be turned on.

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