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Thanks so much! This will fix some of the issues I’ve been having with that!

I still have massive lag from selecting in general, though, so hope that gets fixed.


Oh, great! It’s now incredibly simple to create games thanks to these updates. Don’t stop updating until you at least match the Unreal Engine or Unity level

(I’m not talking about the visuals, but rather the level of creativity you can have in the studio.)

There are still a lot of bugs here and there, some of which could ruin projects and others which could make doing simple things more difficult than doing difficult things.

It will take a long time to reach the level of Unity or Unreal Engine.

However, I will always be optimistic about the community.

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Just noticed that the page has been moved to I personally think that it’s absolutely stupid to push people to a subdomain instead of updating the base site. Both lack cohesion in user experience. I can’t tell if this is intention or lack of communication between internal teams.

These scroll bars are also jarring. Doesn’t fit and looks horrible.


The fact that there’s no padding on text on these buttons in 2023 is a sin.

Cool info. This need to be organized in some sort of category so that I know what it pertains to. Studio is a flagship product. It has a lot of moving parts and pieces. Showing me info in a giant wall of text rows makes me spend too much time trying to figure out what I want instead of finding exactly what I want without too much effort.

Pending literally tells me nothing. If you go to previous release notes, some features / fixes are still marked as pending. We need concrete / planned dates.


Ok, I get that it’s 565 but, that means nothing to me. Release notes should be in dates not arbitrary meaningless numbers.

I often try to look back at previous release notes to see what I missed. This entire column of numbers is the most obtuse, non-friendly thing I’ve ever seen. It’s ironic because, documentation is supposed to be easy to read. Not a “Here click this”, “no wait, it’s actually this”, or “haha jkjk click this”.

Release notes should be in “Engine API” and not in Guides. Release notes are not technically guides. They’re things we look for and look into when things break / need to be fixed or if a new feature has gone live. Or to snoop on what Roblox could be doing next.

Placing it in “Guides” at the very bottom doesn’t make sense. It’s hidden for no real reason. Most enterprise-level flagship products put their Release Notes front-and-center not, bottom-and-forgotten.

It blows my mind how this made it past QA but, thank you to whoever fixed this. I accidentally did this and my game kept crashing, kept losing studio saves and briefly, lost my mind. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Part of this is that the Selection Improvements Beta has been changing around a lot more than normal for a beta feature. We significantly missed the mark with the initial release of that beta feature and a lot of the code for is being / has been rewritten or adjusted, so it’s a bit of a work in progress now and that’s why it’s been on the buggy side.


A really good point he brought up is the misnomering of release note versions with arbitrary numbers. A more descriptive and helpful suffix would be the date of the release.


I share some of your concerns and I typically visit Recent Updates - Roblox API Reference for updates. Not the needed solution but a temporary one.

It means a lot to other people (and not only internally) and having a date instead would be less useful and misleading.
Maybe a ‘published’ date for the page can be added, but version number will stay.


Out of curiosity, what is this function supposed to do?

It was a typo, it was supposed to be ListKeysAsync: DataStore | Roblox Creator Documentation

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Here is a recurring problem from Roblox. Creating workarounds for bugs and not informing the original complainants that the workaround was done.
Even so, I always follow the update report.
I have a complaint about ListKeysAsync 6 months ago:

If the term ListKeysAsync was spelled correctly in the update report, I would have already tested it.
But I only went to find out because @TheTrollock asked and you answered.

Even so, so far the typo has not been fixed, which indicates that more Roblox developers are still unaware of this fix.
Please fix this typo!

And, after all that, testing this new parameter, a novelty: it doesn’t work! :-1:t2:

My main point is that it’s hard to figure out release notes in a period of time. I.e If I leave this platform for a month, I would quite literally have to figure out on my own the start and end duration of the notes that I missed. There’s something very fundamentally wrong if I have to click aimlessly just to see release notes. Showing me “current” works as expected and makes sense. However, I’m not quite sure what classifies as recent. Is it a week? month? year?

For what it’s worth, “pending” on release notes is a very weird thing to have. Typically, if it’s on a release note, it’s already shipped. In this case, no one really knows what pending actually means. My earlier point was that, if you go back to previous release notes, things are still pending there too. If we compile a mental list of all the things pending, that would be quite the backlog. There’s also no date attached so, as a developer, it’s impossible for me to quantify when I should see said thing live.

Also, it would be nice if there was a better way to see release notes in studio when it updates. A lot of applications have a pop up to let you know. It’s basically standard practice. Studio doesn’t. You’re leaving a lot of your audience in the dark by hiding it here or behind a button.

Appreciate the reply.

I talked to the team, they are planning to add a date.

Pending is a feature that has functionality included in the release, but that hasn’t been enabled to use.
Features and even fixes are enabled separately from a release going out.
This is how Roblox operates, which might be different from other kinds of software (but we are not unique here) and unfortunately makes understanding the order of changes more complicated.

Unfortunately, that’s a bug.
We are working to fix entries that get stuck as ‘pending’ after they are enabled.

We have an announcement forum section and for feature requests/but reports we try to answer directly to affected developers. I understand that we often miss that step, improvements should be made there.

Overall, there are issues with the handling of Release Notes and you raise good points.
We are looking into a redesign/improvements to this section, hopefully it will be better in the future.


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