Release Notes for 574

Release notes for 574


It was time this got an update. Thanks!


Curious what this means:


The legacy behavior will be improved, I am guessing


The behavior of these functions was changed but only in some edge cases you’re extremely unlikely to encounter. The gory details if think you might care:

Developers have reported that the current implementation of isServer() and isClient() methods can produce incorrect results in some contexts, such as EmoteUtility.lua for the RCC thumbnailing job, with isClient() returning true in RCC builds. This can lead to unexpected script behavior and potential errors. This stems from the fact that isClient() actually just returns if server is not running and isServer() actually just returns if the client is not running.

Modify the existing isServer() and isClient() methods in the RunService class to differentiate between studio and non-studio builds. These changes will ensure that the methods return accurate results for non-studio builds while maintaining the legacy behavior for studio builds. In Studio builds, the data model runs as both client and server so we cannot directly return whether it is client or server.


Heck yeah! these have been broken for about a few months, I sure hope this has fixed that!

Edit: nevermind it’s still broken

video: me typing “.025”


Can someone please “refactor” the wording of the update to pathfinding?

Maybe my brain just does not have the capacity to understand sentences now, but I swear it melted just a little bit more than usual when reading that.


Yeah I got a bit stumped on that as well, are they telling me it’s fixed or are they telling me to fix it myself :thinking:


I briefly enabled the fix for this but there was an issue with an edge case so I had to disable it. It’ll be back soon enough.


Uh oh, looks like there is a loading problem when I load the release note. It shows the release note for a tiny bit, then it goes to this weird blank page, shown below.

It works fine for me, did it fix for you?

If you have BTRoblox installed disable create.enabled under advanced. For some reason that causes the creator hub pages to break.

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