Release Notes for 622

This looks good, but It doesn’t seem specific within the config parameter, as I assumed it would contain Reason: string and Player: player, I don’t think the Duration: number is necessary since you can just do UnbanAsync when a certain duration ends, however, I thought UnbanAsync would just have Player: player

I remember just a few years ago, Roblox was completely opposed to developers banning. I’m glad that they finally came to their senses!

Engineers get to enter public release notes for the changes they make. Sometimes they enter something like that and the person compiling the release notes misses removing it as not relevant.


Holy shoot. Is this tied to Players or separate service?

This fix was specified earlier in Release Notes 617, word for word.
Does this imply that it’s being delayed?

Yes, it is indeed tied to the Players service.


As for the banning API, how exactly does it work and what results can we expect?

Right now, to “ban” a player we use :Kick() and datastores.

With this API, what’s exactly is going to be different? Can the player still enter the game through the app/website page? Are they informed of the ban only until they join the game?

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UnbanAsync doesn’t make sense if you can’t GetBanAsync first place.


this is the best release note yet


Will the BanAsync take a time length as an input? Otherwise I feel like the implementation would be super similar to what we have now, frequently checking to see if they should be unbanned? Or I don’t even know how you would update it because the player would be denied access to the game and therefor not trigger any events :man_shrugging:. Unless there is an event to connect to the expiration of a memory store or something.


Can someone who understands rendering explain this in normal person terms?



But I do have one question, will this API allow us to see someones alt account (like the ID and username) or will it just be like “Yo this dudes an alt so ban them”?

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I wasn’t even thinking about this but yeah will it be similar to current games’ makeshift ban systems? Ig we’ll have to just wait and see


Im pretty sure this means the rate of updating lighting can only go up to whatever, even if you are running at >60fps

exactly, and also we wouldn’t be able to ban players outside the game if the Player instance is required

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when is :BanAsync and :UnbanAsync going to be documented?

probably when they make a proper announcement on it. it’s not even active yet so no sense in documenting it until they announce it


Alt accounts. It was mentioned at RDC.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to send this, but by enabling the FFlags I discovered the required parameters
it’s probably temporary and may change on release




Could be wrong but i believe the “ApplyToUniverse” property may refer to the ability of offering banned user access to a place (within that experience’s universe) exclusive to them or at least available to them.