Release notes not updated after being posted

I went back to the oldest release note available on the new devhub, release note 327, and there is eleven items that are still marked as “Pending”. This release came out almost exactly a year ago. I have a pretty good feeling that these features have been released, especially since they were posted a year ago.

These release notes definitely should be updated (or at least add a notice that they are not being updated), as players who stumble across these in the future could get super confused as to why release notes posted over a year ago are still marked as “Pending”.


Hi again, I’m not a fan of bumping posts that are this old, but I think this is still something worth being addressed (and I wrote the post originally)

Version 628 just released moments ago. Three-hundred full releases later and release note 327 (from my original post) still has pending features in its documentation. These features are almost definitely added at this point (unless removed by a future update). Can we expect to ever see these release notes be properly updated? It’s a bit of a shame to see release notes abandoned after being posted, and potentially misleading if a new developer stumbles across them.