Release notes NWR

As Naval Warfare Remastered draws closer to its release, I find it important to outline how the release will take place. It’s been a year of various attempts and I apologise for the long delay but as of 0.2.4s release to the Development Build on 12th October, Naval Warfare Remastered is in a reasonably playable state.

We have not decided on an official release date yet and will be announced when we do. An important thing to note is that after release the game will be in Alpha and the game will not be near full completion. Instead it will resemble the original Naval Warfare and will not include a lot of things that we intend to add, they’ll be added on in further updates.

Release may take some time from this point, from potential weeks to a month or two, this is due to the severe stress testing we’ll be doing to make the game as smooth as possible for the general public, we apologise for this. Remember, you can apply to become a tester and help us stress test the game.

On release, Naval Warfare Remastered will be ‘donationware’. This means that the game will cost money but the payment is optional. This is so that people who have the money to spare can pay for the product and those who don’t want to pay or can’t don’t have to. The donation is recommended and may offer some in-game benefits but it is completely optional.

This method will gradually be phased out as more features are added and as we get nearer to a complete game.


  • Game has reached a playable state.
  • Not long until Alpha release.
  • Game will be donationware during Alpha.
  • Game will not have tons of features on release, we will add features in further updates.

Owner, Scripter, UI, UX

Owner, Modeling, Project Lead

(copied from Open Letter regarding Naval Warfare Remastered Release - Google Docs)