Release notes should continue to come with 'hidden' FFlags

For the existance of release notes (including on the old documentation sites), until sometime around last week, they have included hidden FFlags embedded within them. This was a always easy way to clarify release note questions without waiting for or needing a staff reply. Roblox should better be focused on adding documentation for debugging, not removing it!

Another use case was disabling recently released features to solve bugs in the short-term, I’m pretty confident I already have some of the Improves Studio analytics in case of crashes and application not responding flags off because it instead caused studio to start hanging, the opposite of it’s ultimate intentions! (Some of the STUDIOPLAT FFlags, for internal reference). Obviously, I cannot be sure if they’re the same ones, because I can’t view them anymore.

Further helping the cause, when I tried to submit Feedback about this on the site, the wizard was completely broken…