RELEASE: One of the most innovative Cafes on Roblox!

Welcome to Cafe88!

After talking about how to best resolve the issues surrounding the cafe genre, I have:

  • Added rewards. Yes, so far we have trails and nametag styles, but more will come in the future.

  • Made it much easier to get staff. Gone are the days of waiting 4-8 hours for a training, just finish the application centre and you’re done.

  • Added NPC customers. The days of waiting 1 hour for a human customer is also in the past. With a 25 second wait between customers, can you handle them all?

  • Essentially, this game is more like Cook Burgers or Work At A Pizza Place than a traditional cafe.

Also, what do you think of the video advert? (sound will be added later)


Check out Sebee’s Pro Border where all staffs are promoted by the system or gamepass.

That is great! Like Bloxburg, right?

Note: Sell guns for profit :rofl:

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It seems to be going well with the development. Thumbs up.

A few inputs: I tried it on mobile, and the proximity prompts were a little difficult to use in the elevator. The customer speech bubble was obscured partly by a part. Some of the text was really small. An on screen gui is probably better than surface guis.

I am not sure what kind of games people on Roblox prefer. My own game has zero users, so I am not the best person to ask about how to get a hit game. :slight_smile:


I’ve fixed that within 10 minutes.

I’ve just shoved 1k into a sponsor, I’ll shove 5k on another one tomorrow, I’ve emailed youtubers, I’m putting all effort into getting this to succeed.

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