Released a sort of "demo" of my game, I need feedback

With this game I’m kind of trying to get the feel of classic Roblox with a modern gun engine. And since I have not played much of classic Roblox I’m not sure what it was like.

I especially need feedback with the UI, not sure what to do with it
btw Ignore the walk and sprinting animations, I ported those from another game and I haven’t bothered to animate new ones

Oh and after choosing a weapon and being respawned, you will get errors for hitmarkers in the console, and those will continue until death, I am currently investigating why that happens so please ignore :')
Edit: I decided to just kill the player and let them wait 5 seconds to re-spawn.

Link: [DEMO] Team Madness - Roblox


The animations and overall feel of the game is great.
I would definitely like to see a non free model map, maybe remake crossroads into a more detail modernized version and maybe work on the ui a little bit?
also i think some fov change for sprinting and camera work for shooting in general would be nice. overall it has potential keep it up!

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I absolutely wanna work on crossroads, not modernize it per say, its kind of unbalanced in favor the red team.

As for the dynamic FOV, maybe, though absolutely a toggle able option, I can see a lot of people not liking it.