Released the first version of my new game. Any thoughts?

Is a mobile friendly casual game to strike other people out of the platform before it destroys itself.


Actually pretty fun to play, cool game idea, easy to understand, good job.

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Looks pretty fun! Nice work on the map. :+1:t2:

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Overall, it’s a fun game to play. I did notice that the bat swing and wack sounds are global and you can hear it from other players, even if they’re far away. You should put the sounds in the bat itself. I do suggest that the bats should be a little more stronger though.

I also noticed that the endgame leaderboard doesn’t fit on mobile properly. You should be using a scrolling frame, or make the player names a bit smaller, so that the frame can contain all of the players, even if it’s a full server

As I stated before, it’s a pretty fun game to play


Thank you for the feedback. All of you observations will be taken care soon. Hope you come back for more!

I like the game a lot! I feel it is something I would play. I will give my two cents on it.

Things I really liked!
-The concept is simple and fun. Something that appeals to younger audiences and older audiences too!
-It can be challenging to avoid falling and also getting knocked out! :slight_smile:
-The map is a good size for the player count. Not too big, not too small.

Things I disliked:
-The lobby is a little boring. I know this is a new game and updates are to come, but you should add some shops or NPCs to talk too or something.
-While it is easy to understand, I believe understanding is subjective. You should add a short, optional tutorial for new players to help them understand the game better.
-The intermission I feel is way too long. As mentioned above, there is not much to do in the lobby currently. You are left to sit for 30 seconds and just wait. This may or may not lead to some players leaving after losing a round, because it is too long for them to wait. I would suggest changing it to 10-15 seconds until there is more to do in the lobby.

Overall, it is a very fun and engaging game! I wish you the best and cannot wait to see where this game is in a few months time!

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@AlsoGold Thank you for the great feedback and to point out the good, the bad and the ugly.

About your concerns:
I made the game in 5 days to test the idea. I’m really happy with the result because the feedback about the core idea was very positive. Now, I’ll start to polish the game and add more stuff. The lobby is boring because I’m not a builder so I couldn’t put a great place in less than a week. But I have a plan for the new lobby! Also, I’ll add some clear instructions inside the game for new players. The intermission is long for now because I don’t have the AFK button. This should be fixed this week.

I hope you come back after a while to see the new version of the game. Follow the game and like to see when the next update is up. Cheers!

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