Releasing right-click or turning shift lock off will sometimes cause the mouse cursor to freeze

(I have had this issue for as long as I can remember but never bothered to report it before. No one I’ve spoken to so far seems to have a similar problem, and while I can reproduce it with 100% certainty, I am unable to find anyone else who can.)

When playing a roblox game, if I hold right-click to move my camera around and then release it to move my cursor, my mouse movements will sometimes be completely ignored until I stop moving the mouse or change direction. Mouse button presses are still registered properly.

I must be moving my mouse the whole time, when I release right click while moving my mouse, my mouse will sometimes freeze.

Panning the camera horizontally or vertically will not cause the bug (I am holding and releasing right-click while moving the cursor in the same direction overtime):

Panning the camera diagonally will cause the cursor to stop completely until I stop moving the mouse or change direction (again, I am still moving the cursor after every camera pan):

Using shift-lock rather than right-click causes the same issue, with the cursor teleporting to the center and not moving until I change direction:

Note that the bug does not occur in ROBLOX Studio, whether using the Edit mode camera or when playtesting the game. It however happens on the ROBLOX player, on every game. This bug does not happen outside of ROBLOX either.

So far I have tried reinstalling the player, using a different mouse or a touchpad, or updating their respective drivers, to no avail.

Dxdiag available upon request but I don’t think it’s needed.


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed this internally and we’ll follow up.


Could you tell me what computer spec you have? I have this similar issue. Maybe it has to be related with our computers. I usually find this problem in this roblox game where I have to constantly move my mouse and pan my camera simultaneously, so having the mouse get frozen after panning the camera is a real nervewreck for me.

My specs are
GTX 1050
8gb ram
Windows 10 OS installed in m.2 SSD
Acer Nitro 5 (2018)

I found this post after getting tired of the bug from happening and I was surprised no one answered you, so I made a simple reply asking if any solutions was found, staff removed that reply and magically a Developer Relations has responded to you 3 months later and 3 days after I posted my removed reply.

Thanks for your reply. Here are my specs listed below:

GTX 850M
I5-4210H @ 2.90GHz
Window 8.1 on SSD

Let me know if you find anything!

Perhaps this has to do with our OS being installed on a SSD?

Just read this and thought it never happened to me. I tested on my pc and I can confirm this happens to me too. I also played Roblox on another laptop and I was able to replicate the bug there. Anyone should easily be able to test this.

I use a Razer Deathadder Expert. Changing the DPI or polling rate of my mouse doesn’t do anything to affect the bug.

I installed Windows 10 on an HDD and it still happens to me.

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