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relexcs – UI Designer


I am a UI designer and programmer. I dedicate my time to making user-friendly designs and have been doing so for more than 3 years. My goal is to create modern and sleek designs, satisfying the needs of my clients.


Admin Panel

Inspired by Commander

Main Menu

Inspired by Kecai


Please keep in mind that my prices may vary depending on the complexity of the project. All of my designs include high-quality work and smooth animations.

I only accept Robux payment via group funds, t-shirts, or gamepasses.

  • User Interface
    • 1,000 - 50,000
    • Unavailable for long term projects
    • Negotiations are acceptable

Terms of Service

  • If you choose to make the transaction via-shirts, you must pay the 30% tax fee
  • After you receive the final product, there are no refunds
  • You may cancel before the commission has begun, not during
  • Delays and updates are informed immediately in DMs
  • I reserve the right to decline or cancel your commission at any point in time


Additional Links


Commissions are now open, best way to contact me is through Discord or DevForum