Relics (Beta) | Gauntlet Rising Update | Update Log

Hey there! :slight_smile: It’s been a few months since the last update for Relics. This update took a while because I had to rewrite a lot of the game’s code for the main feature of this update.

What’s New? :arrow_heading_down:

  • Added Dungeon Gauntlets (A new late-game variant of dungeons)

  • Added a new zone (Magmoor - located next to Amber Thicket.)

  • Added a new NPC (Goalkeeper :spiral_notepad: )

  • Added a new temple (Blood Temple :drop_of_blood:)

  • Added 4 new weapons (Heavenly Wild Warsword, Baneful Axe, Blood Periastron, and Relative Spell Book)

  • Added 2 new items (Blood Rune and God Realm Portal Fragment)

  • Added 2 new Achievements :email: (Blood For My Bone and Corridor Overture)

  • Added 7 new creatures (Copper Archer, Rampant Warrior, Obsidian Vestige, Novatic Guardian, Emerald Skeleton, Chaotic Overseer, and Stone Berserker)

  • Added a Cutscene System :video_camera:

  • Added 1 new gamma orb variant (Agility Gamma Orb)

  • Added 1 new command (!toggleRegionOverhaul)

Additional News:

  • (Vigor) status effect now bypasses the energy drain reset period.
  • Client Fog and Client Ambience are being reintroduced into the game. (They are optimized to have better performance than before.)
  • Dungeon Gauntlets have their own power ups. (Ex: Vigor I, Agility II, or Luck I)
  • Some UIs were tweaked to be more spaced evenly.
  • Most items/weapon prices have been tweaked.
  • (Regen) skill cooldown has been tweaked to be 15 seconds longer.
  • Dungeon Multiplayer now requires the host and other players to have the (Master of the Dungeon) achievement unlocked.
  • Buffed Hydro Ring
  • Buffed Regen Elemental Trait
  • Buffed Staff of Aero

Bug Fixes :hammer_and_wrench: :

  • Fixed Storage Item Duplication
  • Fixed AOE calculation
  • Fixed Special Invitation Achievement (for Dungeons).
  • Fixed Dash Particles
  • Fixed Dungeon Creatures Spawning when the round is resetting.
  • Fixed Chat Tutorial being inconsistent.
  • Fixed Adurite Warfighter dual’s AI not registering.
  • Fixed Global Reference Bin
  • Fixed Weapons from despawning after a player with a full inventory picks it up.


  • (Dungeon Gauntlets) - Dungeon Gauntlets are found in Azentasia by talking to the (Gladiator) and cost 1000 Gamma Orbs to enter. Unlike the regular dungeon rounds, these new dungeon variants sprawl out in different directions. They sprawl out into 4 different corridors which each leads to their own boss trial room. Explore the dungeon gauntlets and traverse through the challenges and treasures that can be found along the way. A new treasure item is the (Pot) which can be found in some rooms. Pots are able to drop Gamma Orbs, potions, and energy shards (although those are more rare to find). Upon entering the final room of a corridor you’ll have to battle against difficult creatures. Upon defeating the main boss, you have a rare chance of getting a new (Ancient Weapon) or the new God Realm Portal Fragment. God Realm Portal Fragments currently don’t have a use but they’ll be able to open a new portal found in (Magmoor) in the future (so make sure to keep hold of it).

  • (Cutscene System) - There are only 2 cutscenes as of this update but more will come in a future update.

  • (Blood Temple) - The Blood Temple can only be summoned after defeating creatures in Azentasia. It’s currently the hardest temple in the game and when you defeat the boss, it’ll drop a (Blood Rune) which can be used to forge the (Blood Periastron).

  • (Goalkeeper) NPC - This NPC keeps track of all the achievements you completed and haven’t completed yet.

  • Added a new experimental command. (!toggleRegionOverhaul) This command is experimental and drops the performance of the game slightly.

"!toggleRegionOverhaul- [Bool]”. (“on”/“off”) or (“true”/“false”)

  • 2 New Achievements can be earned by:

[Blood For My Bone ] - Defeat (The Everbleed).
[Corridor Overture ] - Enter a (Dungeon Gauntlet) for the first time.

Play the update here: