Relics (Beta) | Plead of Magic & Halloween Update | Update Log

Sorry for the long wait but a new update has arrived! And it’s pretty huge! :nerd_face:

What’s New? :arrow_heading_down:

  • Added 11 new potions. (Agility, Luck, Vigor, Durable, Growth, Shrink, Uncanny, Blinding, Unhealthy, Poisonous, Mystic)
  • Added new weapon type. (Spells) :books:
  • Added a new element. (Malidal)
  • Added a new creature. (Adurite Warfighter)
  • Added 16 new achievements.
  • Added 3 new enchants. (Malice, Flameforged, and Edge of Oblivion)
  • Added new dungeon round rooms.
  • Added dungeon shop room. :orange_circle:
  • Added Auto Saving. :cd:
  • Added new VIP server commands. (!size and !setDifficulty)
  • Ability rebalancing and revamp.

Additional News

  • New Armor Core UI :shield:
  • Achievements now give skill points. :white_circle:
  • Increased Creature Limit to 150. (Might change back later to 100.)
  • Added a Critical Attack highlight. :high_brightness:
  • (Transformation) and (Ability) requires 100% energy.
  • Temple Bosses now give different amounts of skill points depending on it’s difficulty.
  • Some potions can now be stacked. (Includes strength, agility, durable, invisibility, speed, and regen.)
  • (Dash) ability now shows a visual block indicator. :dash:
  • Replaced Status Effects particles.

Bug Fixes: :hammer_and_wrench:

  • Fixed Agile Hope Enchantment.
  • Flareling Job Prompts are now quicker.


  • Spells can be obtained by forging (Mundane Book) with a crystal/shard. Spells are very powerful but use a great amount of energy. (Current Spells available: (Mundane Book + Energy Shard) - (Mundane Book + Crystalized Water) - (Mundane Book + Fire Shard) + (Mundane Book + Amber Shard))

  • Elemental Traits are now obtained by completing achievements.

  • Potion Status’ can now be stacked. (Ex: Strength, Durable, and Agility)
    Potion Type Definitions: :arrow_heading_down:

  • (Agility) - Makes ability cooldowns quicker and attack speed faster.

  • (Durable) - Makes you more resistant to all creature attacks.

  • (Vigor) - Allows you to recover energy faster and bypasses stamina pause.

  • (Luck) - Increases chances to summon rifts and content chests.

  • (Growth) - Increases player’s body size.

  • (Shrink) - Decreases player’s body size.

  • (Uncanny) - Applies 2 random positive status effects.

  • (Mystic) - A very powerful potion.

  • (Poisonous) - Poisons the consumer of the potion.

  • (Blinding) - Blinds the consumer of the potion.

  • (Unhealthy) - Applies 1 random negative status effect.

  • VIP Server Owners can use new commands. (!size) - This command allows the player to change their body size. (!setDifficulty) - Sets the game’s difficulty and attack damage for creatures.

"!setDifficulty- [ String ]”. - (Ex: Normal, Hard, Insane, Formidable)
"!size- [ Number ]”.

  • 16 New Achievements can be achieved by:
    [Defeat Valoren the Malidal King]
    [Defeat the Boltic King]
    [Use the (Regen) ability for the first time.]
    [Enchant a weapon for the first time.]
    [Get invited to the dungeon or temple.]
    [Get revived.]
    [Revive someone.]
    [Drink a mystic potion.]
    [Upgrade a Skill for the first time.]
    [Defeat 10 Arcane Mushrooms.]
    [Defeat 5 Novatic Mages.]
    [Defeat 5 Time Vestiges.]
    [Defeat a Grievencer with a Sonar Periastron.]
    [Defeat a Blood Mage or Blood Witch with the lightning trait ability.]
    [Summon a rift by defeating a creature.]
    [Defeating yourself somehow?]

Halloween Event: :jack_o_lantern:

  • Re-added Candy currency. (Can be obtained by defeating creatures and spooky chests which are located in temples.) :candy:
  • Added a new zone. (Haunted House - located in Stony Fields.) :house:
  • Re-added (Skeleton) creature. :skull:
  • Re-added Halloween Shop (located in Haunted House zone) and Halloween event items. (Amber Bow, Amber Crescendo, Divine Seer, and Soul Seer - all can be bought with candy.) :shopping_cart:
  • Added Spooky Chests (located in temples.)

Play the update here:

Archived Version: