Relics (Beta) | Times of Titan Update | Update Log

Hello again :smile:. It’s time for a new update! (Next update will take a long time to make due to how big it is! It might even be the biggest update so far!)

What’s New? :arrow_heading_down:

  • Added (Parry Skill) :shield:
  • Added Quests :mag:
  • Revamped Creature Loot System
  • Revamped Temple Bosses :synagogue:
  • Added a new item (Malidal Exometal)
  • Added a new creature (Ice Titan) :ice_cube:

Additional News:

  • Added Upward Dash to (Air/Wind) elemental trait.
  • Added Dash Sprint/Jump Particles
  • Spells have their own rarity
  • Added new dungeon gamemodes (Agility+, Vigor+, and Durable+)
  • Added Inverted Status Effect Particles
  • Added Adurite Clone Rift Particles
  • Luck Status Effect now increases the chances of getting loot from creatures.

Bug Fixes :hammer_and_wrench: :

  • Fixed (Revitalized) Achievement
  • Fixed Ice Sprout Attack


  • (Quest Giver) NPCs - (located in Verdant Town, Sparlight Forest, Azentasian Village, and another secret location) can offer you quest to complete. Completed quests will give rewards like Gamma Orbs or Skill Points. You are able to complete 3 quest at a time. (Quest are new and will be expanded upon in the future.)

  • Parry System allows you to parry attacks for 3 seconds (and 6 seconds if you transformed). However, you cannot move while parrying and there’s a 2 minute cooldown. (I’m still looking to update this skill in a future update.)

  • Malidal Exometal can be used to heal a significant amount of health. Something interesting to note is that using this inside the (Malidal Temple) will give break one of the topez crystals and you a Malidal Shield.

  • Temple Bosses now have 2 phases. Phase 1 is how it was originally and Phase 2 allows the boss to transform, move around, use more attacks, and attack faster.

  • Ice Titan can be found in dungeons with (Creature Fever) gamemode, (Hardcore) gamemode, or (Against the Impossible) gamemode active.

Play the update here:

Archived Version: