Relics of the Empire: Game Lore

Relics of the Empire is an open world STAR WARS inspired group set in a time period resembling the destruction of the second Death Star and the collapse of the Galactic Empire. Enjoy reading our custom lore that weโ€™ve envisioned to help immerse yourself in our world.

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The Grand Imperial Authority was the governing body over all of the known galaxy. It had ruled for what seemed like an eternity, feeling longer still for those not born fortunate enough to be on the profiting end of its hierarchies. As with anything that lives long enough, its body had begun to fail and its mind and heart simply were no longer what they used to be. Its leaders had grown fat and complacent, no longer scared of the swift retribution of their Emperor.

Would-be detractors would catch on, and found in it the opportunity they had been waiting for to destabilize the Authority. Dissent began spreading around the edges of the galaxy, and rumors began of the return of the Zaโ€™Neth, once forgotten mystic warriors who could use Kaโ€™Or like the Grand Emperor. At first the Authority took little notice of this, the people were always disgruntled, and most attempts at rebellion were short lived, crushed days after they started. But days became weeks, weeks became months, and by the time anyone with enough authority to do something had been made aware of the situation, they had already lost two sectors and were on the verge of losing a third. To their credit, this was done by design. The Liberation, as they were calling themselves, went to great lengths to keep their actions concealed, and put great effort in keeping word from spreading, transmissions from being sent, or anyone from leaving their military engagements alive. The Authority sent out in numbers to stop the Liberation, but by then the dye had been cast. Many systems were sympathetic to the Liberationsโ€™ cause and tired of the Authorityโ€™s corruption and self serving behaviors, and thus the iron grip of the Grand Imperial Authority began to loosen.

Lack of faith in leadership or their ability to protect the ones they ruled over should the Liberation use force led to many planets overthrowing their appointed governors themselves long before the Liberation was even close. This created many smaller fires for the Authorityโ€™s military, one that already needed to put out the big one encircling them, slowly but surely burning their way towards them. Their armies were spread too thin, and each of their leaders were so sure that their way was the one to solve everything. Infighting amongst high ranking officers began, and once the Zaโ€™Neth fully revealed themselves, each with the power to take a full platoon by themselves, the fall of the GIA was assured. It would be only a few months later that the assassination of the Grand Emperor would take place. With people inside feeding them information, the Liberation waited until the Grand Emperorโ€™s right hand, a Taโ€™Gath named Maleketh Jax, was sent off-planet to make their move. A strike force led by multiple Zaโ€™Neth warriors swept through the compound, deftly making their way straight to the throne.

Although the Grand Emperor was exceptionally skilled in both martial combat and the use of offensive Kaโ€™Or, his advanced age and worsening medical condition led to him becoming overwhelmed by the Liberationโ€™s attack. Few members of the strike team survived their encounter with the Grand Emperor, and were quickly taken out afterwards, but their mission was successful. The Emperor was dead, and the Grand Imperial Authority would never recover. Leadership fell into complete disarray from there, The Grand Emperor truly having been the glue holding what remained of the Authority together, and within two weeks most facets of the former empire had completely surrendered.


Kaโ€™Or is ancient mysticism, a fundamental force of the universe, and a power wielded by a handful of sentient creatures. Kaโ€™Or is a pseudo-psychic sense that can manifest physically, allowing its user to lift objects with their mind, heighten their senses, or even create lightning. The best understanding of Kaโ€™Or any living being can decipher is that it is like an agreement with the universe itself. It would seem as though the universe wishes life to be lived inside it, and rewards those capable of experiencing it. When someone in tune with the Kaโ€™Or experiences strong emotion, they will find themselves capable of its awesome feats, able to defy the laws of the universe.

Among those in tune with the Kaโ€™Or, there are two main divisions; the Zaโ€™Neth and the Taโ€™Gath. The Zaโ€™Neth believe that the Kaโ€™Or is not truly theirs to use; It is a gift the universe gives and one it can take away. The true state of the universe is impermanence, always changing, shifting. New is always being made and old always fades, the only way to continue is to keep pressing forwards, to embrace that nothing lasts forever, and live what we experience as much as possible.

Their connection to the Kaโ€™Or comes from the release of their emotions, letting go of what they have felt and giving both it and their connection to the Kaโ€™Or back to the universe until it decides to give it to them again. This can be fueled by any emotion, anger, joy, sadness, the part that matters to the Zaโ€™Neth is that we do not hold on forever. In contrast, the Taโ€™Gath believe that Kaโ€™Or is the universe giving both the power and permission to make things permanent. They draw their power by dwelling on their emotions, holding on to the most powerful feelings they have ever felt and drawing upon them to accomplish their goals. It is not unusual for a Taโ€™Gath to hold a single feeling for their entire lifetime, and like the Zaโ€™Neth this can be any particular emotion. To them that emotion is what gives them strength, and no one can force them to let go of it or the Kaโ€™Or it gives them, except death.


Before the Fall, Jundari was a well kept secret of the Grand Emperor. Its remote location and its position between three equidistant suns kept it from being discovered accidentally, and the Emperor kept it off most maps. The Grand Emperor valued it because it was a place of power for the Taโ€™Gath, one where their connection to the Kaโ€™Or seemed especially strong. The planet itself was rumored to have been moved through space itself into its current position by a particularly powerful Taโ€™Gath. The Taโ€™Gath had been building monuments and temples around these places of power for countless generations, and the Grand Emperor was no exception.

He had found the tombs of Taโ€™Grodah when he was younger, and met with the Tomb Guardians, ancient Taโ€™Gath whose desire to hold on to the Kaโ€™Or had let their spirits hold on to life. They taught him in the ways of the Old Taโ€™Gath, and he, realizing the potential of this place, decided to keep it for himself. After rising to power as The Grand Emperor of the Grand Imperial Authority, he began fortifying the planet in secret, hoping to build the ultimate contingency should the Authority ever collapse. Trusting most of the overseeing to his right hand, Maleketh, construction was not finished before the Fall of the GIA, but Maleketh would in fact use it as a place to hide from the Liberation, alongside surviving loyalists.

Created by Oogyboogyspungus.
Game design by endotonix.
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