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About Me

Thanks for coming and taking a look at my portfolio. My name is Relivus, and I currently work as a Strucid Pickaxe Designer and a Roblox Developer for several different groups. Despite being with my academics, I’m always finding opportunities to display my ability in modeling and building. Which is why I joined the development side of Roblox, in 2015.

There are always a few rules that I live by when I’m developing. My number one rule as a Developer is to finish work on time or early, but still, maintain the detailed quality I always have in my projects. My second rule is to be a team player when I work with others, contributing my fair share of work, working cooperatively, and efficiently. In the past, I have worked with different developers to make cafes, homestores, and a variety of other places. I can build and model in either high detail or low-poly, depending on what you’re specifically looking for.


Blender Modeling

Roblox Building


Due to the fact that I am a student, I will have less time to develop on weekdays than weekends. I normally developer 2-3 hours per weekday, and 5-6 hours during weekends. When hired, I will always be looking for a due date, and I will specifically tell you whether or not I can meet that goal.


Prices are negotiable based upon size and detail. Regarding payment for building and modeling, I will only accept group funds or commission with compensation. For models, we can discuss whether it will be paid per asset or at the end.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or through my discord: Relivus#5032. If you send me a discord request, please let me know on the developer forums.

Specifics Regarding Customer

As a customer, I ask of you to please have what you’re looking for, the specifics regarding the job, and references images.


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