Remade Among Us Character

So, first off i would like to say this idea was COMPLETELY took off @WeeWDiedrich.
No plagiarism.

I re-worked his among us character, and tried improving it.
I might not be the best builder but i tried my best to make it better, once again no plagiarism.
among us 1
among us 2

(Also yes, i acknowledge that the goggles look weird. Lol.)


I like this it’s a cool thing just one thing you can’t use this in a game for copyright reasons

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I didnt make it for that, and i know about copyright.
I just thought it’d be cool to try.

It does look very cool good job

its cool, BUT the front shade is weird. Try blender :wink:

I know this is off topic, but whenever i open game explorer to import my blender meshes, this happens

You can use that in a game, it would only be against copy right laws if it was the actual asset from the game but the actual asset is a drawing and that’s a model so kinda impossible.

Not bad! For the face i recommend putting spheres on the opposite side of a cylinder
for a more oval look! (basically the same thing you did for the body), but rotated

Should look like something a bit like this:

You could also use just a sphere, another example:

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I took in mind what you said, this looks really better than the other one, especially because of the goggles.
Thanks alot for that! i probably will use that for future builds :thinking:
Anyways, this is how it went out
among us 4
among us 5

(Yes, the back part doesnt have anything to do with the front but whatever, just wanted to include that in too :wink:)


Looks great! if you ever need feedback or help on something feel free to message me!

You succeeded, nice work! It’s a really nice build for a character design that’s so simple.