Remade an Old GFX Thumbnail


I remade an old GFX I made in early 2020 using Photoshop 2020 and Blender 2.91.
Any feedback is appreciated!

Here’s what it looked like before.

After I remade it.

Basically, I remade the materials, lighting and the editing.


Well you can see a big improvement! Theres higher detail in the second one and I can see reflections on the helmets, great job!

I see that you’ve added some more detail in the remade one, but I for some reason like the first one more lol

Yeah I can see why, there’s more bloom on the old one and it looks more snowier. Well, I mean both have their own qualities lol.

Thanks! I learnt more about material properties and such.

im not pro GFX but i think the remade 1 AND the old one. the credit in the top corner credit to be smaller!
i get it you want credit! we all do! but its not as a thumbnail with a size idk 20 credit other than that its alright

it just looks like you have darkened the edges at the top and made the top middle brighter and just added a snow particle.

I made the glasses actually look reflective and made some materials look better and there’s actually snow on both thumbnails.

I actually only put the watermark for portfolio purposes, done commissions don’t have watermarks on them.

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Impressive! I prefer the lightning on the 1st one.

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