Remade Microsoft Edge Interface

Recently just recreated the focused version of the Microsoft Edge browser tab in a way that I believe to be simplistic and clean, please leave any feedback.


Things such as the Microsoft logo and search icons were created by me, though the top right icons were not.


Microsoft logo is copyrighted, is this legal?


Since I am using it for personal reasons and not anything business-related, I’m assuming so. I doubt that any legal action would be taken over a devforum post.


Ouuu… I really like this. I think you should change the color tone a bit “bluish” , kind of similar to the Discord dark mode colors. Overall very wonderful!

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Glad you like it, I’ll take that into consideration and experiment with colour schemes.

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This is wonderfully clean, if only you would let me script it ;).

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Thanks, though I haven’t decided if I want to use it on a Roblox game or not so :man_shrugging:

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Well you can’t, you will get taken down.

I figured, of course if I decided to I would change the logo.

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