Remake of a Retro Cart Ride Tycoon Map from last year

Quick Story before Starting

Last year I tried to make my very first retro styled cart ride tycoon map, didnt go well, it sucks. So basically, theres this roblox developer named “TrueStar” He has been playing roblox for 10+ years & gotten popular from cart ride tycoons ( basically you buy cart ride tracks & buildings or whatever to finish the cart ride ) used to play them alot on my first account and loved them, thats what I’ve deicded to try to make once again since on my first attempting on doing so it was terrible.

Quick Note

I’ve made furtniture & more for the game and decided to make it into a model ( open source ) so anyone can use Retro Styled Models I made if wanted. I don’t anyones gon get the model tho.


The House every player gets for free

Cart Ride Part Players will have to buy ( Unfinished )

More About the House

7 Players is gon be Max so 7 Copies of Tycoons & Houses will be there
Features listed about the house are

  • You get it for free, you don’t have to waste cash to buy it, you collect your money inside of it
  • You get a free DJ Set and can play Custom Music
  • DJ Set tells the name of the song, and the time length of it
  • You get a TV that plays ROBLOX Videos
  • Free Bed & Couch to rest

Open Source Model With The Furniture I’ve created

I’ll make the game public if anyone needs it to see more of the map if needed


I like the furnitures and models you remade! Retro builds are simple but nice to look at.