Remaking ER: LC (Post N.2)

Hey there!
I don’t know if you saw my other post where I was remaking the ER: LC Civilian Spawn,
Well today I’m letting you know that with the ER: LC creator’s permission, I published it online.
Now, of course, I’m not making any gamepasses or anything because it would be winning money off somebody else’s game. I also have a more updates and screenshots;


2021-12-05, 7:37 am EST

2021-12-05, 8:02 am EST

(I know the sign isn’t perfect)
Take note that if this topic doesn’t get shut, I update and add pictures regularly!

Here’s the game link: Emergency Response: Liberty County REMAKE - Roblox
(If you want to test it in-game instead of looking at pictures)
Anyways, please give me some feedback about what I could add/edit/remove.
Thanks for viewing! Have a great day! :slight_smile:
UPDATE: Made a discord server! (click here to join)
I won’t be updating here anymore, will now be updating on that server.


Going strong with development! :muscle:

Good luck, and keep us updated! (Would be pretty cool if you added snow for the ER:LC winter update)