Remaking the icons of the game(rating how bat is it)

I listened to our feedbacks,and i say big THANK you for everyone who replied!I listened for feedbacks and reduced some bright,lower glowing effect,removed white glowing vignette

1 version is edit
2 version is a second option

My bad!


change text color and add gradient to it something like purple to pink. also change the font it just doesn’t fit the logo and somehow gives low quality simulator vibes. Also Why is text so off from the center?
If you can send me photo without the title I can make a logo and send here to give an example.

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It looks better, however, if I’m honest, it still has work to do.

I’ll try my best to explain:

The Premium Icon

The premium icon is off-centred and pretty big. What you could do is make it smaller and centered aligned properly with the icon. Here’s an image of what I mean:

(You can also mess with colouring to fit the same colour accent as your whole image!)



Your current background is very highly exposed. You could decrease its exposure and decrease it’s bloom a little bit, so it doesn’t get washed out. Here’s an example:

You could also try lens correcting it to give it an FOV effect!


Ideally, when you’re making a game, you want to make a sentence-like title rather than a paragraph-formatted title. The pink outline doesn’t necessarily fit the colour scheme of your background either. Here’s how you can improve it visually:

Though formatting your text can be based on preference, it doesn’t have to be a one-line title. Though your stroke colour could use a change.

I hope this helps, best wishes on the game! :slight_smile: