Remaster of my old game

Back in early 2020 I created a game called Rainbow Obby, it was like a Difficulty Chart Obby with a little twist (I made it before DCOs got popular.), so since I’ve improved my building and scripting skills I decided to remaster this game into Super Rainbow Obby, as of right now I created 37 stages and this is like a demo version of it before I know that the game is all good, if there’s any bugs or improvements that I could make then I will work on those before making new stages, feedback would be very much appreciated, here’s the link: Super Rainbow Obby - Roblox


Very Cool and kinda short. I beated it like only 5 mins (speedrun it lol)
Maybe make the lightning to day.

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I wanted to make the skybox all black to make my obby unique.

Short but nice, maybe add less checkpoints and make it a bit harder.

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That’s just the beginning of my obby, it’ll get harder.

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