Reminder Regarding Permissible Links

I never really had a problem with this, I always assumed this was the rule so I just have the discord link pinned at the top of my twitter for the game, and any user who cares enough to even be an active member of my games community finds it easily enough without me having to directly link it anywhere.


Issue is, that’s not allowed any more.

Since when?

can we get the actual questions that need answered relayed to the right people

are there any major updates or overhauls coming for groups?

  • link section for links to people/places/games
  • group wall that isn’t literal cancer
  • proper group chat system, literally just make a copy of discord or slack
  • a way to ping people online that isn’t a group “shout” that literally nobody looks at

can we get a reviews system like fabrick added to the site?
can we have a tab called “patch notes” or something added to place pages?

in short, we’re removing the ability to have a proper community around a game without any sort of alternative because moderation or something
not sure if the people who made this decision are aware but you can look at literal porn on twitter without having to make an account or be logged in
if you want to ban for discord? fine; but get a proper alternative in place before removing the only option we have


See here:

Specifically, a pinned link / post on your twitter with the discord link and then directly linking users there would be seen as a violation.


Hey again developers,

At this time, I’d like to reiterate the policy, as it seems to be quite misunderstood.

The moderation team is not going to go searching through your social media looking for Discord links. However, do not use permitted sites like Twitter to get around the rule of not using Discord links on the Roblox platform.

For example, do not post something like this on your game’s description, “Hey go here! [Twitter link]” when all that’s in that tweet is a direct link to Discord or inappropriate content. These bypasses are not allowed on our website - and never have been. This is a reminder of the policy.



Can’t even have this on my twitter now. Good to know. Might as well just delete my account.


I’m not linking anyone to a tweet with the discord link. People can find my twitter, and ON my twitter I have pinned my discord link. Nowhere am I linking people directly or through a re-direct. My way does not infringe upon the rules.

It would be against the rules if in my group description I said:

It is not against the rules to simply link directly to my twitter:
Hey guys! Follow me on twitter to get the most recent updates on my development progress!

and then to have that tweet above^ pinned on my page. Users will still eaily find my discord link, but nowhere am I advertising it FROM Roblox.


Read anything that I or @Lilly_S are saying in this thread

That’s still allowed.

Correct, as long as you don’t mention discord and don’t directly link to anything on your twitter with the discord link it should be okay. That should not be seen as a violation of the rule.


Thanks for clearing this up.

See my post two above yours please


Although i do agree in most cases that you should suggest, i also disagree with it. Roblox has their own plans on what will be added and created before anything else, so suggesting anything at all, especially if it needs to be scalable for roblox, it could take forever to add, lets say like 2 years for something like game update area, seems simple enough, but making it could take a month or two for one team, and they may value other things more. I still think that game descriptions should have an optional 13+ only option that allows links to Discord for example, and i am sure the way it filters for each age group would be much quicker than say tools to actually have a community.

With roblox groups for example, we still get bots spamming our group walls with scams, etc. and its hard to have good conversations, especially being limited to 1 single wall. Not to mention the filter will really mess with conversations “Hey, lets discuss if we should add so and so” “Hey #### discuss if we should add ##########”, and although the filter is still being improved, it’ll never be good enough to allow easy enough conversation for discussions relevant to the game.

Discord has different settings for new member joining, and tons and tons of moderation bots that you can get to keep your server safe. I already develop a bot for discord that filters out offsite links in chat. There are multiple ones you can get to filter out text as well. I suppose what us developers could do is suggest things to discord, like being able to view servers completely without signing up. Then perhaps that’d help improve roblox’s view on discord.

in short: Roblox will be way to slow keeping up with tools to help developers have a community.


I feel like an idea for the Discord link issue is just adding a new “Social Network” line in the Settings for Discord (either name or server?) and somehow allowing it so that people 13 and younger cannot see it. Not sure the ramifications or how viable it is, but just an idea. Let me know what you guys think.


This but you can also do it for groups to have a discord button (and it also doesnt show up for users under the age of 13)


Honestly, I feel that it’d be better to find a way to make everybody happy without banning Discord links from Roblox. It would require too much effort to improve or add new features to Roblox to manage communities. Not to mention the effort it would require to constantly be searching for and deleting discord codes from Roblox.

Why not allow discord links to be posted, but simply have a window that pops up when you click it. Have it say some jazz about how “Roblox doesn’t guarantee the link is safe”, that “you go to this site at your own risk”, and have a check box that says “I confirm that I am older than 13” and/or have parent permission.

Or perhaps add a user setting called “Display Offsite Links”, which is off by default for all players (and permanently off if the account is <13). With the setting on, you can see and click on links like normal (perhaps also implementing the above idea). When it’s off, have it blurred out or invisible, with users unable to click on it.


I feel like we’ve posted more than enough feature requests on how to improve groups, the feed, and following features on the website. Even you have. You’d think by now Roblox would know what needs to be improved by now and would do something about it. I’d link some if I weren’t on mobile.

Discord isn’t the problem here, the Roblox website is.


Didn’t @Lilly_S herself have a great threat about groups? I think the thread should have what hasn’t been implemented taken into great consideration :stuck_out_tongue:

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I really hate to say this and I swear to God I do but lets face it. We been promised to our faces not for weeks, not for months, but for several years that they would improve groups.

Does anyone here remember a specific blog post about improving groups with marketable items, and other things for war clans? That was either 2012 or 2014 but still the only thing we ever really got out of it was the ability to sell group clothes.

Im sorry but I don’t believe anyone anymore when they promise anything for groups. I gave up hearing these “revival” attempts a long time ago. I have zero faith that groups will see an overhaul that can even come close to making up for this.

I am not going to lie to myself and expect something when groups have been pushed on the back burner for years when it comes to priority and demand.

I will not trust any promises for groups until they live up to it.


Yeah this was about her post.

Quote pulled from that thread (that supports @TechSpectrum’s post) :