Lilly's Group Overhaul

Clans do not and did not cut it.

Clans had just about NOTHING to do with groups, and instead of creating a competitive environment with a more clear variation in skill level, they created small coalitions of people who wanted to horde Player Points from front page games. That’s got nothing to do with groups as they currently stand.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the most prevalent requests from those involved in groups to enhance the experience that groups receive on ROBLOX. I realize that the Group feature does not profit ROBLOX directly and therefore assume that to be the cause of us being pretty much neglected, other than the occasional redoing of a page or two.

Here’s my list of wanted updates:

A more efficient group shout

  • Color-coded shouts.
    A red shout could mean to come defend the fort or attack an enemy fort. Green could mean “Come hang out here” or “Meeting here” or something. Blue could mean there’s an important notice in the shout.

  • Pinned notices.
    Too many times, groups create forum posts with important information directed towards a specific demographic of their members and the daily group activities conflict with the forum post that needs to be read. Pinned notices, perhaps even with the ability to time how long they’ll be up, would be extremely helpful.

  • More characters.
    The maximum amount of required characters in the group shout is currently 255 characters. That’s ridiculously small. Not even two full-length tweets. When you have links to forum posts, links to places, and messages that all need to be in the shout at one time, you have to mitigate the shout space very carefully. This is tedious and bothersome and does not need to be so.

  • :+1: link support.
    Please let us have clickable links in the group shout without one of Merely's extensions (No offense to you, Merely, I love your extensions but there's really no way to ensure everyone in your group has them).

Forums specifically for groups

It is not by any means a secret that the Clans and Guilds forum is a vile place of unintelligent blabbering, bandwagoning, and obnoxious spam and offtopic posts as well as an overabundance of hateful messages. Therefore, I propose that each group gets their own forum, hidden from other users on the Forum page but instead displaying in the place of the Group Wall.

  • View/post permissions managed in the group permissions page
  • “Delete post” ability managed in the group permissions page
  • “Pin post” ability managed in the group permissions page
  • Audit logs for forum actions
  • Viewable by moderators via reports, links, or viewing the group page
  • Replace group wall
  • Replace C&G

There is no reason for any person or any group to be subjected to the amount of hate and disgusting behavior that comes out of C&G constantly. Cutting them off from their atrocious peers would definitely create much better behavior in the Group world, and help to isolate the trolls.

:+1: Group Places updated

Instead of just personal servers, allow us to associate normal places with groups.
This would be so helpful so that we don't have to display our group places through a bug, as we currently do.

:+1: Group "Trade Currency" *OR* R$ for ads

Robux in Group Funds are completely useless and obsolete. You can only buy ranks with them. This is totally unacceptable and as a result, many groups have decent sums of robux just sitting in their group fund and going to waste. I propose the addition of a Trade Currency feature to Group Funds or to allow groups to run ads with Robux.*

Ads for R$ in groups was added but subsequently removed due to ridiculous Robux inflation caused by it. After the removal of Tix, all ads are in Robux.

The ability to ban users from groups

Why is this not a feature? Leaders should be able to blacklist people whom they do not want in their group.

Ability to remove items from the group store

Pretty self-explanatory, but also pretty necessary.

:raised_hand: Group uniforms

:raised_hand: Per-game group payouts

Let us distribute funds based on specific games’ revenue rather than the revenue of all of the games, please!

:raised_hand: Per-user permissions override

It would be fantastic if we could have the ability to grant specific users certain permissions which override their roleset. For example, Dev1 and Dev2 are in the role Developer. The Developer role does not have permission to edit group games, however the group owner can specifically give Dev1 permission to do so.

:raised_hand: Per-game edit permissions

It would also be fantastic if we could have the ability to control which games may be edited by users with the proper permissions. (e.g. Dev1 can edit Place1, Dev2 can edit Place2, Dev3 can edit Place 1 and Place 2.)

Group Niches

Division Tab

It would be fantastic to have a “division tab”, similar to Allies & Enemies, displaying all “sub-groups” of a group. This would allow for much more organization for basically any group. For example, if you have a large development group and don’t want to clutter it with ranks because you like the way it looks with 3 ranks instead of 18, you could have a “Builder”, “Scripter”, and “Designer” subgroup listed under your Division tab. You could still have the desirable number of ranks (Community Member, Developer, Owner). It would work just like current groups do now (open admission, request-to-join, etc.), except I’ll go as far as to request that subgroups/divisions don’t count towards your group limit (e.g. you can be in Group A and its subgroup Scripters and it will only count as one group). Subgroups/divisions could be accessible via the tab rather than cluttering up your “My Groups” display as well.

If, somehow, there was some kind of misunderstanding that resulted in my account being terminated, it’d cause me to abandon all groups I own. That’d be extremely tedious and damaging to the group, because anyone with any kind of Builder’s Club can join my group and grab it. So much damage could be done by the time the misunderstanding is resolved that it’d be beyond the realm of possibility to get everything back under control.

There are many potential solutions to this issue, though, that I’m surprised none have been used yet. They’re outlined below.

Successor system

Sort of like a real-life will, this system would be put in place to allow group leaders to choose where leadership will go should their account be terminated or the group would be otherwise abandoned.

The successor system would basically work like this:

The only potential con I see with this one is that it could be abused in scenarios of the accounts of group leaders being taken over maliciously and the group being transferred around via this system once the new owner gets terminated for stealing accounts - but that’s no more susceptible to abuse than the current Make Owner system is.

Making someone of the next-highest rank the leader

This one is more of a no-brainer, really - instead of having them abandon any group they own, just make it so that someone of the second-highest (the rank below leader) gets the group. For example, in the default group rank layout of Member → Admin → Owner, if the Owner were to be terminated then one of the members of the Admin rank would get the group. If nobody with BC is in that rank, then find the next highest ranking person with BC and give them the group.

Get in touch with the terminated leader

This one is probably the least likely or plausible on the list, however it might not even be a bad idea to email the terminated leader and have the group ‘held’ on their account until they name a successor to their group. If they do not do so within a certain time frame, then it’d be acceptable to abandon the group.

In closing, I’d just like to say that I do not mean ROBLOX should be sympathetic or encouraging of account terminations. I’m saying that ROBLOX shouldn’t screw over potentially hundreds of thousands of people just because of one person messing up. That’s not fair to those people or to the group by any means and should be changed. I don’t expect much out of this thread, naturally, because it’s a request for groups - a portion of ROBLOX which houses an extraordinary amount of players and potential, yet often remains untouched and ignored.


from Termination & impact on groups

Thanks for reading, I’m sure countless others agree with me when I say that groups have been left to stagnate for far too long, and it has very negatively impacted the group community and devolved said community into a misbehaving bunch of immature, rule-breaking forum trolls.

September 15, 2015 edit: I have decided to turn this thread into an even larger compilation of all of my ideas for the advancement of groups. I’m going through all of the ideas I posted here now and putting ones that have been completed as green. As of right now, all of these ideas have a combined total of 79 thank yous. Clans do still generate much interest from the community.

August 8, 2016 edit: I’ve edited the formatting of my original post to work with Discourse. Due to the lack of ability to change text color, I’ve instead changed the font for the updates which have been given to us. I’d like to thank everyone at ROBLOX who worked on the updates that I requested, as well. It’s really great to see that groups aren’t “being abandoned” and whatnot and seeing that the desire for user-created groups is still strong enough to generate ROBLOX’s attention.

:raised_hand: = new proposal
:+1: = completed/confirmed update


All of these are excellent points. I wouldn’t expect most of us here to be able to appreciate groups for what they are, considering how they (war groups) are lookes down upon, but I can assure you, from personal experience, that groups are a huge part of the user experience and deserve attention.

Also, I’ll refrain from naming any groups, but some of the biggies are full of people trying to oust each other from high rank positions, deleting legitimate posts that they don’t agree with, etc. This sort of delinquent political behavior is not remotely safe for ROBLOX’s age group. It would help if the audit logs were public to everyone but guests, as these disgusting excuses for humans would be less likely to “opress”, in a sense, legitimate people. If someone isn’t okay with their actions being public, then that means they don’t have a good reason for those actions, which means that they shouldn’t be executing those actions. Should they wish to continue with that action, they will suffer in public appearance.


I like all your points. Please be aware that the colored Shouts shouldn’t be linked to ‘Meanings’. For example, if you have a group that isn’t about war, that can be a pain.

Other then that, I’m still waiting for ‘Development Groups’ feature. Something to categorize our group as a ''genre", would make perfect sense.

Let’s talk Group Games.
I honestly would like to see a feature where we can make Group Games and get all the money in our Group Funds. Of course I like to spread that money across an ‘X’ amount of people.


I do think that per group forums would be excellent, but I think what is holding it back is the lack of official moderation. The forums on roblox and here are roamed by roblox moderators. Roblox isn’t that mature to trust the users to moderate the forums, and this would be an area that isn’t that safe for the users.


You forgot 1
Roblox needs to add it so you can remove items from the group store.


I did say that moderators would be able to access the forums via reports, links, and the group’s page.


These features would be a godsend to many existing groups


i’m on edge about the amount per-group forums there would be if that feature was ever released, but your other points are solid and definitely needed.

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Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!

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[center][size=6][size=6]100% Support[/size][/size][/center]

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May I add something. I find it really annoying to find a certain person in a Group (Where I do not have Admin Powers.)
So I would like to propose a way to actually search people in a Group


Also, display their rank when you mouse over the group on their profile and on their posts on the group wall plox!

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Add this:

Groups are very tailored to combat/war groups at the moment.

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Also with group boards:

Remove the current forum system entirely and have Roblox-owned groups for the current boards.
For example, Roblox would own the new Suggestions and Ideas, Roblox Talk, Scripting Helpers, and Announcement boards.

This allows players to moderate their own boards within their own groups and helps define the small sub communities currently associated with forum topics already.

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[quote] Add this:

Groups are very tailored to combat/war groups at the moment. [/quote]


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A way to delete all posts by a user if they aren’t in the group and the group wall is open to public posts

there isn’t an option to delete all posts by somebody if they aren’t in the group and they just spam.


Your point about clans is noted, but I guess everyone noticed that bit. Which explains why global player points were removed.

First of all, I am assuming you’re talking war groups here, given your experience with them. Second of all, I’ve only been in a few small war groups and one big one (The Robloxian Army) so my judgement of clans, and your proposals, will be based solely of that.

The way I see the clans and guilds forum is an old stuffed up community where account age and number of posts matter more than friendliness and intelligence. Not a friendly place for new people. Then when it comes to the actual game, defending a fort or raiding one, you’re either a noob, a hacker or an “aa’er” (Meaning admin abuser, for the people who are not into war groups.) Not quite a place where you feel welcome either. Really the only way to become respected, and befriend people, is to be good at “RCL” (Which stands for Robox Clan League, but what people really mean is a game with super simple weaponry, and undetailed simple maps. The trick in being good in it is a) working together as a team and b) jump in random directions while having a better aim than your opponent.)

And then because the forts have to be super fair, or else no one will want war with you, the games have become really boring. Usually weapons are simple, there is barely any leveling up to do, there are no vehicles and the game always follows the same core mechanic of capturing and holding a terminal for an x amount of time. And leveling up in the group is hard too if you’re a new player, you have to get to know all these things like lining up, stacking, sword fighting, rcl, different clan weaponry etc. And usually if you don’t know some of them it’s really hard to get promoted, meaning it’s hard to level up inside the clan too.

And I think this sums up why Roblox does not want to spend a lot of time developing new features for groups. And a delete all posts button, sure that can be done, but group forums? Seems like a really big request to me.

None of these problems are irreparable though. You just have to stop trying to change the old community of people who can’t but think of the good old times, and instead embrace a new community. You somehow have to lure the people that are now obsessed by Murder games and order front pagers into clan games again.

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Groups in general have been left to sit as they are for years. We have not received any type of actual update since group funds/audit logs - which honestly should have been there the whole time. My thoughts on the matter are that the stagnation of groups is what eventually led to this awful community - a community who feels ignored by the staff will obviously behave accordingly. Which, honestly, is what C&G has become - ignored by ROBLOX Staff unless some big rule-breaking event happens.

The fact is that, while everyone knows C&G is a nightmarish community spawned by from depths of Hell itself for ROBLOX moderation and administration, C&G is only in its current state because the decision-makers in the higher ranks of the ROBLOX staff have set groups aside because they do not directly profit ROBLOX.


Yak, you forgot one thing xD

Black list someone from the group.

Temp or perm.

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I did say that moderators would be able to access the forums via reports, links, and the group’s page.[/quote]

While they would have access, currently on the forums mods are roaming around in their dedicated forums.

The one thing that seems to possibly make this obsolete, is ReeseMcBlox posted an idea about game based forums moderated by the users to replace the comments system. That being said, this is far more likely to happen vs developer based forums because groups would have better moderation than a developer could, simply by having more people. Also since the group forums would be private, so they wouldn’t shape how people see the group/game and censoring every bad thing about the group wouldn’t be a “bad” thing for the Roblox community. [size=2](It’d still be bad, just not in the same way as a game that only has good feedback on a game with a 1:2 Like:Dislike ratio.)[/size]

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