Reminder Regarding Permissible Links

100% agree with this post.


Yea. Thinking of some big discords here:
• Skilled Scripters
• berezaa’s games
• aspireRBLX
• Roblox Helpers
• The Roblox Discord
• Sword Burst 2
• and the list continues

Oh, and the DevForums Discord.


I actually was a moderator of berezaa’s discord for some time. I ended up quitting, but at the time I did, it had, wait for it…


Like I mentioned in my comment: discord is such a huge staple of the community, and their option to block it out is just going to have such a bad impact on the community that…it’s, it’s indescribable the consequences.

Oh, btw, this was back in March. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was over 100 thousand members by now.


Here’s my feedback on this:
1) Revamp the groups now and allow at least something like Discord, which is already pretty secure, temporarily until the groups have been re-made;
2) Allow at least ‘community empowering’ links; (e.g Discord)
3) Allow all or no links at all;

Whether it’s Youtube, Twitter or Twitch, people will be able and are allowed to share Discord links on any of those sites.
It’s intensely hard to completely ban off-site links through Roblox as there’s always a work-around, whether it’s this or there.

Besides, there’s multiple Discord channels, which @nforeman has mentioned up above, which are fine, save and for Roblox.

Let’s not forget; if there’s non-Roblox players joining a Roblox Discord, and they find it interesting, then it’s only more visitors.


Plus, because the DevForum is only 13+, Discord could be considered allowed here. :slight_smile:


It is allowed here on the DevForums, but not on the Roblox site.
Meaning, that if you ever made a group-shout containing a link to e.g Discord, you might get at least a warning.


Numerous staff have stated in the past that leaving the code to Discord servers was fine, as long as it’s not a clickable link and requires users to go out of their way to access it.

You’ve stated here that any reference to Discord is not allowed and has never been allowed, which contradicts the above. Some clarification would be nice here.


I absolutely understand the risks, though.
Perhaps make it so that you allow Discord links for example, but if you get caught with inappropriate content, it’ll be dealt with accordingly?

Depending on the severity of such a violation, you could get a chat with e.g DevRelations going up to a termination if it’s really bad. Just make sure it’s clearly stated what is allowed in a Discord channel and what-not, to prevent loopholes and confusions.

Just a suggestion.


Here’s another thing about this ban.


Look at the recent events that have happened on Twitter, for example.

  • THEM Magazines got hacked twice, both of which all their followers got bad content posted on their feeds.
  • Most of the THEM Magazines employees had their twitters hacked
  • For TWO WHOLE WEEKS, a ROBLOX user spam-suspended and locked the accounts of several developers
  • Bots have leaked actual devforum posts on Twitter.

When was the last time you ever heard anything like this happening on Discord?

Anyone under the age of 13 could have gone onto those accounts without having an account and seen all that bad content. This is just as easily able to happen on Facebook and Twitch and Youtube. This isn’t as big of a problem on Discord, as almost all of the servers have moderators that make sure any explicit content is deleted as soon as possible.
On Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, any one of these places, it could take DAYS or WEEKS to get this stuff cleared up, all the more easier to have children view it.

So, if you are going to ban discord links for being…

…as you put it, you might as well ban the links to ALL those other places too, because they are just as bad, if not worse, than discord is.


Thanks for once again disallowing us from utilizing the best ways to engage with our communities while offering absolutely no way to make up for the advantages we’re being forced to abandon. I appreciate it.


I Disagree with this; I think we should just keep the discords and then just use the exploit/private subforums of the Devforum to report anyone that is linking or running discords that contain s**ual content or otherwise inappropriate content


Exactly my point. Discord servers have staff as such as moderators, administrators, etc. that remove inappropriate content as fast as they were posted.


Actually, second thoughts.

Discord has been an extremely useful and powerful tool to build up proper communities on Roblox, the kind which you can’t simply find in the current group system or basically in anything on Roblox right now. Making it so people can’t even link to Discord servers in their Twitter is a bit of a stretch.

I think the best case of action would be to enforce this properly after the group system has been revamped, otherwise communities created will simply stop growing. While I agree that the site should be safe for all users, if they’re going out of their way to access the Discord server by going on the corresponding Twitter account and then getting the link, it should be allowed.

I don’t know what I’ll do if this rule gets enforced on Twitter accounts. My Discord server is pretty active and the community is growing, but not being able to link to it at all is basically just killing off Discord. We don’t have an alternative to Discord. Don’t enforce it this strictly.


This would put myself and other larger developers extremely out of contact with their playerbases.

I am angered and frustrated by this decision for reasons other users have already expressed better than I can.

Please reconsider.


I know for a fact that if Roblox had better social tools/a way to reach out to our existing playerbase(s), that I likely would not be using Discord to begin with. Nexx made an extension that added the features Roblox is lacking, and I use it frequently (As it’s better than nothing).

Discord is 13+, Roblox should show links for 13+ year-old users - if kids lie about their age, that’s on them (Roblox already has safe-harbor by doing age checks at sign-up).

Please don’t hurt us developers (And our communities) because we tried to find a solution to the inadequacies that Roblox has in regards to maintaining a community/reaching out to a specific subset of players. Word of mouth/passionate players is how most of our projects grow and thrive.


I’m sure that not allowing you to post discords on twitter accounts is a misconception. But, if it is what the situation is, then it’s absurd as it’s a completely different platform that Roblox has no control over and such.


The hypocrisy this post exposes is particularly alarming.

This rule seems ridiculous and not at all beneficial to the many communities Roblox developers have created, nor Roblox itself. Especially not without functionality in place to replace what discord offers.


Honestly, nothing can really replace Discord. Discord was made as a replacement for Skype/Teamspeak and other applications, and is by FAR the best in terms of quality, style, and functionality.


Either give us a good alternative, not something like the chat system or groups but something we can actually utilise and make our community a community, or completely ruin any contact we have with our players. This is a complete mess, and leaves next to nothing for communities.

Or, you know, you could do none of the above and just allow discord codes.


My only concern with a Roblox-only alternative is… it’s Roblox-only. The benefit of Discord is the fact that it has more than JUST Roblox or JUST Minecraft, or whatever. It has TONS of communities on it that make a person social and such. Not allowing Discord is just ruining much more than just contact among group players, whilst that’s still a LARGE downfall.