Reminder Regarding Permissible Links

True, but at this point it’s the best of a really really trashy situation


Not really.

They could just allow Discord lmao.


Im more mad I got banned for a post that is years old.


Yea, but they seem to have their mind made up on that, completely ignoring any valid argument and replying with stuff that only seems to make the argument stronger.


Valid point. That’s been happening a lot recently.


Okay, I get that ROBLOX doesn’t allow Discord links, but why did the ROBLOX admins recommend Discord for better community establishment at RDC? It seems a little contradictory to me…


For starters, the logic behind this rule is flawed. Discord is arguably more safe than YouTube, Twitter and Facebook because it is required that you have an account before you are allowed to view any content. I can browse YouTube and find plenty of cleavage in thumbnails without even having to log in. I can find plenty of Twitch streams with pandering gamers swearing loudly without having to log in. I can go on Twitter and find racist, homophobic or sexual posts without having to log in. Now, I know that linking to any of this would not be allowed on Roblox, but if you link to an account and not a specific Tweet, stream, or video, nothing is wrong with that. I cannot have moderation action taken place against me on Roblox if I am not specifically linking to a tweet with inappropriate content but I happen to swear in another tweet. This would be Roblox policing out of their jurisdiction. I get that we shouldn’t link to inappropriate content, and I completely agree, but if a Twitter account happens to have a swear every once in a while, it can’t be seen as inappropriate content as that is not the majority of what it produces. Therefore, this would be allowed by the current permissible links standards. I could come up with many more examples, but I think I got my point across.

Additionally, Discord provides a greater way for developers to interact with their community, especially personally. Twitter is not an acceptable chat room for massive groups of users and Roblox currently lacks a system that could act as a Discord substitute without filtering every other word a user types. Discord gives us developers more to work with when it comes to interacting with our community, so I do not see the reasoning behind stopping this. Roblox trusts that users are 13+ in order to view links and Discord only allows users to be 13+, so Roblox is being really hypocritical by trusting users with the ability to see links, numbers, etc but not trusting them being old enough to use Discord.

I have also heard of some users being moderated for linking to a tweet containing a Discord invite link but not others. The rules have to be clear-cut, there is no knit-picking when it comes to this sort of thing. Additionally, does this mean if I link to my Twitter or Facebook account and then later post a Discord invite link that I can be banned from Roblox? This would be absurd because as I stated before this is Roblox policing beyond just their platform. This would be an attempt at Roblox censoring what their users post on other social platforms that they happen to link to.

My main point behind this rant is that by Roblox not allowing Discord links, they are majorly handicapping their developers’ ability to interact with their audience on a more personal level, are being quite hypocritical and are also trying to censor what is posted on other social platforms. This is entirely unacceptable.

Edit: I get what Roblox is trying to do though because literally anything can be posted on Discord. I just don’t think their way with handling this is the best for their platform and their developers.


So you’re Implying that if I make an account on a website, It’s automatically safer than a website that doesn’t require account validation?


Yes, because the website will give you an error message when you sign up telling you that you’re not old enough. They will not allow you to access potentially unsafe content until you’ve confirmed your age, unlike YouTube/etc.


If you continued to read I explained my reasoning. It’s safer to keep things behind closed doors than completely open to the public.


Correct me if I’m wrong but… even if the person who clicks the discord link is under 13, they STILL have to make an account to even have any access to discord or it’s servers. So then, that kids has to then sign for Discords terms of service and agree that they’re 13+, if that kid lies then that the kids fault, not Discords, not Robloxs. They’re signing Discords ToS, Roblox is just allowing developers to create servers which have proven to benefit players… So why is Roblox cracking down so hard on it?


I don’t understand this either - doesn’t Roblox have some sort of legal protection regarding < 13 users being able to see content because they lied about their age? Alcohol/tobacco companies aren’t held responsible for when a < 21 y/o individual visits their website/views their product.


I understand it can be dangerous in some ways, but ROBLOX should at least give us a suitable alternative before simply banning us from using our own.

I’m not going to list any specific benefits, because there are already enough in this thread, and they should suffice to at least make those who made this decision re-consider it.

Discord is the best option right now, and until it isn’t, we shouldn’t be prohibited from using it. At least let us post server codes, rather than links.


Viewing of alcohol/tabacco isn’t illegal for minors – only consumption. A better example would have been adult websites. Either way, I imagine Roblox is protected legally in regards to COPPA/etc – COPPA applies to Twitter/etc as well, and they don’t pursue this level of site safety. I imagine this is about Roblox’s image and not anything legal.


Have there been any cases of Discord servers directly related to a Roblox game being in the news/having bad publicity because of an incident? I’d like to argue that the level of moderation involvement in some Roblox game affiliated Discord servers rival that of Roblox’s moderation team itself (Sorry, but this is my opinion).


There is well over 200k ROBLOX users on Discord (Probably closer to a million) who love the platform, use it daily, and love the interaction they get with their favourite game devs, etc.

Why handicap the users and punish the developers from being able to actually interact with our community in a safe, chill environment, this enforcement is honestly a bit too much, I understand at the end of the day we have no say in this at all, but it’s still unfair.

On twitter, NSFW is out there for anyone to see, without an account, even on YouTube, and Facebook, the whole debate about it’s “easier” to see harmful content is ridiculous, and the whole thing about a report feature, I know most of us first hand know how well Twitter’s report features work. (And incase you don’t, they don’t work that well at all).

This is really limiting our options as developers and restricting us from building strong communities. And honestly, if you look at it from a different perspective, this is anti-consumer, and it greatly affects the rate of growth of some development communities. I feel like something behind the scenes happened relating to Discord (possibly Roblox reaching out for something, and Discord not agreeing) for this to be enforced as harshly as it is, Skype, which in my opinion is far worse, was never policed this badly. I just feel like this is unjust and we aren’t really being told the full truth as to why.

And if it’s strictly because Discord doesn’t have a way to report things, that’s false. You can report specific messages by emailing the Message ID to them, and they have a built-in Report button in the works.


I couldn’t agree more Robloxian Mountaineering uses it on the daily to talk with our fans, hear their suggestions/ideas. I can’t see why this change is required as for all larger Roblox Discords they have a Moderation teams and a set of rules all users must follow.


A while back the “Roblox” Discord changed ownership to clarify that it was unofficial. I imagine the issue of Discord has been going on for a while and we’re just now seeing the effects. As far as I’m aware, there has not been any bad press about Discord, but good companies take action preemptively.

You’re right that community moderation is better equipped than moderation for the entire site – delegation has always been key for success – but community moderation is not guaranteed. A parent converted upon hearing there’s a team of professionals reviewing content on the site may not have made the same decision for teenagers policing themselves. Regardless of the image Roblox pursues though, the posts here are correct that taking away Discord hamstrings communities.


Another thing that needs to be touched on, is moderating old post, and giving moderation actions for that.

That is extremely unfair, you are moderating users for old post prior to certain rules being in-placed? That’s too much, ruining a person moderation history because they said something years ago prior to these rules being enforced/existing. All this seems to be is Roblox targeting Discord, and wanting it completely banned from every aspect of the site.


It seems like there must be another way for those us that have Discord Rules/Moderators that go alongside Roblox rules should be allowed to post our Discord link. If there was some kind of a approval process similar to that of the DevForum, I could see the larger groups and creators would have a far stronger community.