Reminder Regarding Permissible Links

Well said berezaa! I agree 100% of the way. What about the ROBLOX Discord itself? This is yet another disappointing update. berezaa isn’t the only one that owns a huge server as well. Anime and Manga Club which about won a bloxy last year not only has 50k+ in their group but over thousands of users in their discord would rely on such a feature to increase the member count in the discord.


Does this have to do with the fact that the “Roverify” bot has been breached twice (last one being a few days old) because the devs just don’t seem to get the idea to not store passwords whatsoever.
I do not like that if there is no solution made the decision always comes back to limiting us in some kind of way.
You can always contact discord regarding those malicious bots as well as far as I am aware to get those removed and the creators (hopefully) banned as well.
Please do not make this “solution making” a trend.


This honestly seems a little overprotective to me.
Games on ROBLOX that include blood, guns, violence and murder are all completely fine (and some even streamed on the ROBLOX twitch channel) however Discord is not? I get the fact that these games are usually cartoony and aren’t that realistic but the aim of the game is still there.
Most (if not all) Discord servers that are advertised on popular games have rules and moderators to make sure no NSFW content (or similar) is posted, it’d make more sense if certain discord servers are not able to be linked if they had:

  • NSFW channel(s)
  • No rules regarding swearing etc.

I really think this should be reconsidered, Discord is a great platform for user-user/user-dev/dev-user interaction, bug reporting, game update notes and much more, it is also incredibly easy to navigate and use.

Discord also has quite a few measures to ensure child safety (as berezaa stated above) and making a bot to filter out harmful messages is incredibly easy to do, public bots that do the same are also available for those who don’t know how to make their own bots.

In short, Discord is not harmful (99% of the time) and can be compared to Twitter, YouTube etc. when it comes to child safety, in some ways it’s better than Twitter or YouTube because you need to have an account to view anything/join servers. At the very least allow developers to link discord servers for their games in a group or game description or even better, make an option to allow game developers to link Discord servers to games and make it only viewable by 13+ users. (and maybe include that option for groups, too)


I have a question.
If a developer doesn’t mention discord in any way whatsoever on Roblox, but mentions it on his/her twitter without using any links but instead discord server codes on his/her twitter only, would he or she be susceptible to moderation on Roblox?

This is assuming the developer hasn’t linked their Twitter account on their profile using Roblox’ feature located in settings, but instead posts their Twitter username to help players find them on Twitter. No links of any kind to their Twitter.


By how they are talking, only if you linked your twitter page to Roblox or something.


I agree, this just makes Twitter / YouTube a proxy for anything else at this point. No one wants to be punished over this either.

However, I believe they should control some of this content as much as they can in-game. Since <13 users can still technically see a Discord invite key or something that is not approved.


Sure, thats fine. If people are circumventing the filter by providing a key then that needs be moderated because they can’t filter it properly. But if they’re just trying to keep <13 users away from discord, they should allow 13+ users to post discord links and those links should be filtered from <13 users.


Does this mean that Discord webhooks will be blocked as well?


I don’t see why they would.


No, the rule is only there to prevent users from being linked to non-approved external services. Using a discord webhook in your game is fine, since no one but the developer(s) see/use this link.


But what’s the point if no one can join your Discord as you can’t even post the link anywhere.



Make sure to read Stratiz’s post. He was talking about discord webhooks, not invite links.


I know he was referring to webhooks. But that’s what I was expressing. There is no point in using a webhook if no one can join your Discord that USES the webhook as you can’t post the discord invite link.


There is no way to stop this no matter what someone will find a way around it.


There are plenty of use cases for discord’s webhooks on Roblox, for example they’re useful for putting some infrequent information on a discord channel that your developers can read. Either way, this is straying off-topic, Roblox is not going to white-list Discord links on the website just because you can use their services through HttpService.

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This really sums up the thread really well

So so many developers use discord as a way to engage and interact with players on a regular basis. It’s helpful for many developers to post an update, share feedback and bug report. There’s no worry of this sentence getting filtered

“Hey anon80475429, I found 3 bugs in your game and this is why this is broken X Y Z i think it would A B C if E F G did A S D” is pretty much unreadable on the site.

Over 990+ posts later and the filter allows bad words and still blocks legitimate ones

It’s stated YouTube and Twitter are okay etc etc and I just wanted to point out that I’ve clicked various links on the site that link to twitter and then to something NSFW or disgusting. I have seen some nasty nasty links through Twitter/YouTube and it’s just so frustrating that something like discord isn’t allowed and Twitter is?

It seems so frustrating to not give us the tools to empower (what ROBLOX stands for?) and engage with users in a lot of ways and then we as a community collectively find a great solution and in response to this, ROBLOX now wants to can it and not provide us an alternative?

Sorry, I have a discord link in my public twitter or as a default template on a YouTube video, I’ll be getting moderated now I guess. I’ve heard a lot of angry comments outside this thread in response to this and it would be a real shame if developers finally walk because this was the straw that broke the camels back. I want ROBLOX to know how much this upsets me and probably every other developer here - there’s a mass ripple and disturbance going through the community right now.

I don’t suppose it’s possible to get an update on that ‘floating FE/UGC’ policy also while we’re here because we still worry about that also, some say your game will get moderated if someone inserts a dong into your game and it’s not FE enabled some say you won’t. UGC is shown to ‘not be moderated’ in games despite constant reviews of that happening. All these policies seems to float/shift constantly and this is the first one that actually got documented for once.


As said, at the end of the day the user and developer will find away around these wonky ‘rules’ whether that be through posting a discord link via twitter, twitch, or youtube. Roblox should be making it safer to share popular links that’s used by hundreds of thousands of players rather then trying to completely banning the links. For some reason everything from the comment section, to forums categories, to viewing players in servers, to the filter system ends in the entire thing getting either censored to heck or deleted completely because there never seems to be a decent resolve… it’s time Roblox should work to actually better the player and developer experience in this matter, not censor us more.


I think roblox is open for alternatives, but maybe they just didnt think of any

But roblox really needs to understand how many devs use discord for their games. Its practically a branch off of roblox


Hey everyone,

I collected a few of the questions folks here asked and went out looking for answers. I’m back with these! :slight_smile: - Please remember, I’m just a messenger and I’m definitely taking everyone’s feedback/suggestions into account and sending it to folks internally.


First, I would like to mention once again. This rule has always been listed and this is just a reminder to let our devs know about how we are going to be actively removing these from game descriptions.

This announcement is a reminder in regards to the rules on the Roblox website. We have a different set of rules for the Developer Forum.

aka, you may post off-site links on the Developer Forum as long as the content is following the rules listed here.

This rule also applies to Discord ID, for example: Discord: fd43g or Discord tags NightWind#3245. The point is to not post with the intent to encourage Roblox users to go to Discord or any other off-site links except the ones which we currently do allow (Twitter,YouTube and Twitch)

Yes, older content on the site can be reported, and if inappropriate, removed and result in a moderation action. We understand that in the case that the content is very old this can feel unfair and that people are concerned it could count against them for DevEx or other future opportunities. In most cases this content is not egregious and is unlikely to affect your eligibility for such things. We’re looking into other solutions for the removal of this type of content. If you feel a moderation action taken against your account was incorrect, you can email and they will look into it further.

Am I allowed to directly use a Twitter link to advertise a Discord link?
Using a twitter link to directly give a Discord link is not allowed. Example:

btw the twitter link posted above doesn’t go anywhere intentionally :wink:

Please feel free to message me privately on the Developer Forum if you have any further questions or concerns.


This happened to myself and @WentLimited as well, it does seem ridiculous that we’re receiving punishment for such old offenses.