Remington 700 Sniper Rifle

One of my very first true models gets its own set of textures! With a Remington 700, I could either make a super tactical plastic-covered version or a simple hunting rifle design, and you can tell which one I picked. Gave it a bit of a rugged vibe with the duct tape and worn paint scope dials.

Substance Painter


Wow, you must be dead tired from scrolling through this enormously long post. Here’s a joke to make up for it:

A deer hunter got on his hands and knees to take a closer at some tracks.
That’s when he got hit by the train.


Greetings, your Sniper Rifle is almost looking very similar to the first picture you’ve produced in this post, and what its based on.

My concern about your model, is that it looks like it’s made of plastic material, maybe add some wooden texture for the brown part as seen in your first image.
I suggest you add the wooden texture, because the plastic appearance for your gun, is making it look like a toy gun, rather than a real one.

Notice in the following image the Remington 800 model has a proper wooden texture.


Overall, you did a fine job, on your gun, it really looks good in my opinion, and really similar to it’s realistic version, though the thing that made it plastic is it’s plain appearance and the lack of wood texture, that the brown color replaced.

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The second picture was in Studio and does have a wood texture (material) applied to it. Due to the large scale of the mesh, the wood grains are hard to see. On top of that, I did not upload the textures I made from into Studio, as the process for uploading textures is tedious and risky.

Also, are you saying that the first image is a reference that I based my second image on? I made both, and they are the same exact mesh.

Sorry for misunderstanding, I thought the first image, was some sort of reference for your second image.

Ah, I now understand why you didn’t upload the textures into Studio, and since you can’t apply the textures from studio, maybe try making the part where the wood grain texture should’ve been applied to a lighter color of brown, and the gun looks like it has a cartoony appearance without the texture, so better yet, make it more cartoony and add a lighter brown color.

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