Major changes/revamped:
Staples of this update. You will find these by just playing.

-Completely new map
-New menu cutscene
-Entirely new shop system with weapon stocks
-New parkour system
-Bank heist
-Emotes (!emotes in chat)
-Supply caches
-Downing system rewrite
-Gore system rework
-New public A-10
-5 new skins in new “epic” crate
-Aug a1
-Spas 12
-Scar L
-Belt lantern
-Robbing system rework
-Settings system overhaul
-Game UI remaster
-Movement stamina
-Melee finisher system rework
-Lighting overhaul
-Individual weapon refill mechanic
-New carry system
-Finishers use server hitboxes
-RPG overhaul
-M320 overhaul
-Weapon holstering
-New item icons
-Movement system overhaul

These are the less major things that were changed, definetely important, just not a staple of the update itself.

-Tool gore and stun hitboxes fixed
-Limb HP system
-Long jumping (Run and jump to jump higher)
-Tool giving changed to backspace
-C4 changes
-Player throwing (Hold X while carrying)
-Completely reworked and fixed settings
-Airdrops reworked and buffed
-Footsteps fixed
-Ammo now saves on guns
-Added back tier 2 armor arm pads
-Greatly improved data saving, no more wipes
-Bank and cash no longer visible on leaderboard
-Game made more optimized
-Armor is now sellable
-Armor nerf
-Healing now slows player down
-Can no longer jump whilst reloading
-Fps and ping counters, as well as a recoil warning

Please note that there are metric tons of balance changes, patches, failsafes, and reworks I worked on on this update. Unfortunately, I forgot a lot of them, so this update log is absolutely NOT representative of what was added in its entirety.

Balance Changes
These dont go into detail, you can refer to the actual weapon stats on the changed guns to see what was adjusted.

-All melee weapons buffed
-USP Buffed, ammo decreased
-UMP Nerfed
-AKS Nerfed
-M4 Nerfed
-All pistols buffed slightly
-All shotguns reworked stat wise
-Tec9 stat rework
-Mac10 stat rework
-Mp7 stat rework
-Many, many guns fixed and adjusted to flow well with the balance changes

tl;dr New map, new UI, bank heist, new guns, bug fixes!