Remote calls being sent to every xbox player

Roblox on Xbox seems to be completely broken at the moment. I received reports from players that there are some really strange glitches in my game, after some debugging, I found out that for some reason Xbox players are receiving all remote calls from the server. For example, there are 2 players in the server player1 on PC and player2 on Xbox, the server calls FireClient to player1 but the call will also trigger for player2. I asked a few players to try out other games on Roblox and it appears all games are having the same issue on Xbox (or at least the top 10 games on popular). This issue started happening around 10 am GMT-5 (assuming developer stats are showing me GMT-5) based on the console playtime graph from my game, the purple line is console. (ignore that drop a few hours ago that is us restarting servers)

Here is a video of someone joining the game, some other player was opening eggs at that moment and the animation was played on their screen as well.

Here is someone reporting a bug on adopt me which I assume is the same issue, some other player teleported to their house and this Xbox player received the remote call as well teleporting them to the other players house.


Thanks for the detailed report!

We are looking into the issue, should be fixed soon.


The issue should be mostly resolved now. Some xbox users may need to exit the app and re-open it. We may have a fix that doesn’t involve this step; however, it won’t happen tonight as we need to verify that there are no adverse effects.