Remote Event firing every heartbeat

I am firing remote events every heartbeat but only for stats that need that. For example: Stamina, Health, and Mana. Those values update rapidly because instead of a flat rate of healing every second or so, I regenerate them every heartbeat and use deltatime to calculate how much they have regenerated.

So far I have not encountered any sort of throttling or high ping in my game and the receiving data is always low and at most only at 10 kbps.

I’m posting this because I am worried that it could possibly throttle with more players playing at once. I would also like to hear peoples own experiences for attempting this kind of regen and if it worked out for them. If it didn’t what did you do to keep the same effect but cut down on remote usage.

And yes, I do put the regen threads to sleep and disconnect them once they are full regenerated.

If everything is working fine, I think you should not worry, as you said you’ve taken every precaution. But if it still bothers you, try testing with a server (direct in studio Test tab) with as many clients your computer can support & if you’re able to get some people to join it and test it out.

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I can run at most three clients and it seems fine. I will try and get some folks on to test it. Thank you!

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