Remote event invocation queue gets exhausted for CharacterSoundEvent even though I did not modify it


First of all, I searched for the same issue in the DevForum but couldn’t find a similar one, that is why I am making this topic.

The error you see below is getting spammed A LOT in my dev console that it is even slowing the servers down:

I believe CharacterSoundEvent is created and used by core scripts, and I did not create a script that uses that RemotEvent too. Why does this happen? Is this a bug? All help is appreciated!


This event is created and used by the character sound scripts.

Is there anything in your game that might be removing this script from characters?


No, there isn’t. I made a wide search just to see if I don’t remember but no results.

What should I do? As soon as this started happening, my servers started breaking too and I have no idea how. I don’t know how Roblox systems work.


This issue can also occur if you don’t spawn characters immediately and players sit for a while without a character containing that script.


Are there any cases in your game where your own character is despawned? For whatever reason this event is connected in a sound script located inside of your own character, so if there are any times where your character doesn’t exist, the events will stack up due to other players firing the remote.

I replied with a fix to a similar report a couple months ago here.


Okay recently I did an update replacing most while wait() dos with RunService.Steppeds. In one script, a function fired at Stepped did some heavy math and spawned a function with a loop. That caused heavy lag that it didn’t just break the player sounds but EVERYTHING.

I had to disable the script to see if I was correct and yes, that’s what’s causing the problems. I will add a delay now.

I am terribly sorry for taking your time because of a complete mistake of mine. I wish I had tried this first and then posted this topic.

Thank you all for your good intention on helping me.


hey, this is till happening and it’s making it really difficult to debug my game as the output gets flooded with charactersoundevent errors


I believe you can mute the error by connecting a blank function to OnServerEvent. This will require forking the sound script.


yeah the main thing is I don’t want to fork the sound script especially if this is the only reason : (