Remote event/ local issues help

Alright, so im trying to make thing spawn locally, which ive got down, however i want a datastore value to go up by 1 once you touch the spawned object. This happens only locally even though i am firing an event to the server (?) possibly incorrectly
local script which spawns the slimes
this “Initiator” script fires event on touch.
Remote Event
This script below is located in ServerScriptService this recieves on touch.

i cant really find a solution so help would be greatly appreciated

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Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure you can’t send over Instances thru remote events.

You should instead send over a string or use the PlayerAdded event.

why are you overcomplicating that by adding the character when u already have the player just do

player.leaderstats.Power.Value +=1

also may i ask why you’re trying to destroy ServerScriptService lol
you probably meant to do :


also there is nowhere it changes locally with a server script it’s probably because you’ve got a local script changing the power as well

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