Remote event not passing second parameter

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I am trying to pass a second parameter in this remote function from the server to all of the clients.

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The first parameter (excluding the player) is being passed correctly so it prints the actual value, but the second parameter is printed as “nil”.



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I’ve tried iterating through all of the players and firing their clients individually, but that yielded the same result. I’ve looked through dev forum posts but most of the similar problems I could find involved people not sending the player as their first parameter or passing a dictionary as the second parameter.

I have the feeling I’m overlooking something very obvious, but I’m a bit stumped because all of my other remotes are working with no issue.

I belive this is because the first paramater is the player by default.

It’s not. He is using FireAllClients() you don’t pass (or take) a player parameter

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The problem was that a playerAdded connection was firing the same remote but without the second parameter :man_facepalming:.

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