Remote Event Questions

  1. How come I can put anything as the parameter for the part on the OnServerEvent
    Even though that isn’t the parts name?

Sorry for asking a lot of questions I just really want to understand remote events

Is it because the server already knowns the part you’re talking About or am I completely wrong and it’s something else?

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It’s simply an argument. You can call it whatever you want. while firing, you just need to specify the argument you’re sending. Also, I do not recommend putting cuss words into your scripts. Roblox sometimes checks scripts afaik, this could get you in trouble.


 if arg1 == "dothis" then
-- code

Oh, okay thank you for clearing this up for me I was stuck on this for like 40 minutes straight

Also didn’t know Roblox checks that kind of stuff

That’s what I remember. They had something like that up, but I’d just say just be safe.