Remote Event Questions

Is there any way to fire a remote event from the server to the server. Or is there another way to activate one script with another script.

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No, not possible. Remote events exist only for server - client and sometimes client - client communication. What exactly are you trying to do?

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Use BindableEvents. They are used for server-to-server communication. Although, if you wanted server to server communication AND being able to return values without firing again, use BindableFunctions.

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To answer your question, you can utilize Bindable Events and it will work perfectly fine!

It would not be with RemoteEvents, but there are other ways depending on the situation.

Such as ModuleScripts…

What specifically are you trying to acheive?

Or, as others mentioned, BindableEvents

I am trying to have one script sense when a player chats something, and then it sends a signal for another function in another script to activate. How would I do that with bindable events?

First off, create a BindableEvent in ReplicatedStorage

Then, in the script that detects when a player chats something, add this: (please note you may need to change a few things to accustom the code to your code)

local bindableEvent = game.ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("BindableEvent")


bindableEvent:Fire()--any arguments you'd like, such as the player

In the other script, you need to reference to the SAME BindableEvent, and do the following:

--stuff happens
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I personally use bindable events s for this.

Remote events are for transferring data from the client to the server or vice versa. If you’d like to send information from one script to another, use a bindable event. They are the exact same as remote events, but they transfer data from one server script to another. Read more about it here.