Remote Events not firing when script runcontext is set to legacy

just as the title says, a script in my game does not run at all if the RunContext is set to Legacy

when it’s set to server, however, it recognizes the remote event and runs the script, but it wont :FireAllClients later in the script.

not sure if its an only me problem since i havent found any posts regarding it but to my knowledge, a script with the Legacy option selected is supposed to run as it would before RunContext was added.

Consider this thread, which explains the usage and purpose of the RunContexts, and specifically the usage of Legacy:

i already know this and read posts concerning RunContext, but none of them have anything to do with the issue im having. im saying that using legacy completely stops the script. nothing will happen in the game when i have that enabled. and as i mentioned before, isnt the script supposed to run as it would before runcontext was added if legacy was enabled? before this was added, i had no problems with this script

when i said "

" i was referring to this part of the post you sent: "

[quote="[Beta] Script RunContext, post:1, topic:1938784"]
Legacy - Scripts will run when parented to specific containers. This is identical to the current behavior many of you are used to and is the default for this property.

i guess ill have to find a work-a-round until other people start reporting this problem

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Where is the script parented? If it is not running then it is likely that the script is parented to a container in which scripts do not run.