Remote Events received twice on "Client" RunContext Scripts

When a ServerScript Fires a remote event towards a script in anything Descending directly from the player - PlayerScripts, PlayerGUI, Character - With its RunContext set to “Client”, two connections are created, though the Event was only fired once,
I have attached a test place displaying this error, which can also be reproduced by recreating this setup.
this was noticed yesterday evening, but had a hand in some bugs in my game for at least a month.
BugTestPlace.rbxl (46.4 KB)


I am pretty sure that Local Scripts do not run in workspace (it is in there from the game you provided)

That shouldn’t be a local script, that a script with it’s RunContext set to client. They work on anywhere that isn’t server exclusive

Are you inserting a script with RunContext set to client in any of the starter containers? If so, what’s happening is the script is running in both containers. We are going to add some warnings for this but as a general rule you shouldn’t use RunContext in these containers.

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As stated earlier, the script is registered in the StarterPlayer container while also in the Player itself. The Client RunContext is designed to run in Workspace or ReplicatedStorage.

That Local Script is probably cloned from Workspace to StarterPlayerScripts in a Server Script in the test place. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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