Remote :Fireclient and performance

Let’s say we have data size N. I’m having a hard time if there’s a performance difference between firing one remote with data size N or two remotes at the same time with data size N/2. I know there’s a throttle on data size per second on roblox but is there a throttle on frequency?


// option 1
  { message = 'message 1' }
  { message = 'message 2' }

// option 2
remote:FireClient(player, { message = 'message 1' })
remote:FireClient(player, { message = 'message 2' })

It is probably slower to chunk the data because of overhead, unless your chunks are meant to be processed asynchronously instead of needing the entire message put together.

Why are you doing this anyway? I’ve only encountered throughput issues when transferring 1080p video data to the client, and it really wasn’t an issue even then.

I’m designing a combat system and I’m replicating indicators to where attacks will land. Attacks can have multiple indicators. I know I probably wont need to worry about performance in my use case but I think its always important to design a system around best practices, which I’m trying to figure out.