Remote Functions and Events page should mention inability to use instances / non-string types as table keys

There is no mention on this page that if you send a table containing non-string types and instances (i.e. parts) as keys, they will be converted to a string format. This should be added under the Parameter Limitations section as a subsection about table key type limitations.

See: Nonstring indices of a keyed table are converted to strings when sent through a remote for more discussion about this.


Hey, I may be misunderstanding you, but wouldn’t that be covered in Parameter Limitations → Mixing Tables on the article you referenced?


No, that refers situations where there is a table with elements in it indexed by mixed types (both numbers and strings). The issue in this thread is that there is no mention of if you have a table indexed by an instance that the key will be converted to a string instead of being preserved as an instance.


Gotcha, ok. I’ve reported this to the team, and they’ll get to it when they can. Thanks!