Remote Functions or Remote Events or neither?


So I made a game where you can chop down trees and for that there is a LocalScript inside the tree to check how much hits the tree got. And a Script inside ServerScriptService now this script inside ServerScriptService Checks if all trees has been chopped so a GUI will be shown.

I used a RemoteEvent to do that but the problem is that the code that I have written inside the LocalScript only works in a normal Script. But then the RemoteEvent doesn’t works anymore.

Anyone knows how I can solve this?

You don’t need to check on the server if all trees have been chopped down if its for just vanity reasons. If it’s for something more important like refreshing the server trees or giving the player points then you will need to, but if it’s non harmful you’re not required to put it in the server.

help me understand this.
the tree has a localscript that count the amount of hits?

without fancy scripting localscripts dont work in the workspace

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