RemoteEvent Tuple arguments don't transfer to the server

Hi, I’ve been trying to make a simple team change gui with a RemoteEvent. I had two arguments for the RemoteEvent to get from the onServerEvent

LocalScript on TextButton

	local team = "Miner"
	game.ReplicatedStorage.Teamchange:FireServer(plr, team)

From what I understand the RemoteEvent should get the player and the string for “Miner”. This is what I did for the server-side script

game.ReplicatedStorage.Teamchange.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(plr, team)
	if team == "Miner" then
		plr.Team = game.Teams.Miners
		print(plr, team)
	elseif team ~= "Miner" then
		print("not a miner")
		print(plr, team)

I’ll have more elseif options in the future, just made the not miner as a debug option. Now when I activate onServerEvent, the string variable didn’t transfer, and I instead get part of a UDim2 offset coordinate instead (I think).
Output for print(plr, team) Kuevert 496
I have no idea why offset would be sent instead of the string variable I specifically put in instead.

You have no need to Fire the value plr, it is automatically sent to the Server.

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