RemoteEvents only working for one object

Are Remote events only used for one object or can it be used for several objects?

Hi! You can listen for remote event signal from as many objects as you want, and conversely, you can fire the event from a lot of objects. The former depends on the type of signal. It could be send remotely, which means there is a certain network limit. If remotes are fired by many objects very rapudly and a lot of data (high size) is sent, a limit of approximately 50kb/s of data could be reached, which means remote events would start to accumulate or, as it is commonly said, queue and not be successfuly accepted. Since bindable events are only used for communication of scripts that run on the same machine, network is not a limit.

@BlueMinionIW yes, you can, as long as you stick to certain limits. Try not to send hundreeds of signals per second and don’t send loads of data. Try to keep network as fluid as possible, but yes, you can freely fire events from multiple objects as well as listen to any of them being fired from any number of scripts.

So I can use as many objects as I want?

Ok. thx for helping! It helps a lot.

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